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30 May 2012

Outfit post: stripy summer work wear

Choosing appropriate work wear in this hot weather is difficult! I decided to go with black cropped trousers and a vest top with a racer back top over to cover my chest. 

Striped vest: Cheap Monday at ASOS
Trousers: Topshop
Flip Flops: Aldo

I love how volumous the top is!

I got out the St Moriz fake tan today and I remembered how much I love it. I swear you can't make a mistake with it. Remember to check out my how to fake tan post for my hints on getting the perfect sun-safe glow

29 May 2012

My Summer Makeup Routine

As much as I love being pale and interesting, I love red lipstick and winged black eyeliner; it can be a bit much in the summer when I want light makeup and golden shades. I thought I'd run you through my summer makeup routine

I use the following products
- 17 BB Cream (review here)
- Liz Earle under eye concealer (review here)
- Marks and Spencer eyebrow gel (I hate how it goes the colour of your foundation!)
- 17 Peep Show Mascara
- Liz Earle eye pencil in bronze (review here)
- Ultra Glow Bronzer (best ever!)
- MAC Chatterbox lipstick

First of all, here's my face without any product

First I put on the BB cream and concealer all over. The BB cream is darker than my skin tone which gives it a good tint

 After step one...

Then I use Ultra Glow bronzer. I first tried this round a friend's house - she always looks tanned and gorgeous and she enthusiastically showed me her secret which is Ultra Glow! It adapts to your skin and "warms up" which means you don't end up with muddy face like many other bronzers and it gives you a really natural glow. LOVE IT!

Here's with the bronzer

Then I use a lash lengthening mascara, neaten my eyebrows and use a bronze pencil. This one by Liz Earle is great for bringing out green eyes

And then I use MAC Chatterbox lipstick

 A lovely, fresh cotton-candy colour!

And that's the finished look!

from pale to summery! (click to enlarge)


How to fake tan: Application and Maintainance

After my post on the Lauren's Way fake tan, I've been emailed with so many questions so thought I'd do an extensive how to guide on perfect fake tanning.

Applying Fake Tan

1. Exfoliate! This is really important as you want the dead skin cells which suck up the tanning chemical to be gone. Especially around your knees, elbows, feet and underarms as these places cling to fake tan. Just have a scrub in the shower and you should be sorted. Also if you wax or shave, now is the time to do it because both methods (especially waxing) after fake tanning will ruin your tan.

2. Barrier! Apply a thick moisturiser to the following places

These are... feet, knee fronts and backs, armpits extending onto the chest, elbows front and back, hands (palms, backs and a bit on the inner wrist). If you want a lighter tan you can apply moisturiser all over.

3. Orange palms!  Put on some gloves (you can get them cheaply from Boots) or if you are using a mousse a mitt is good. I prefer gloves as  I like to mix half moisturiser and half fake tan in between weekly intense tans.

4. Tan! Using the fake tan, apply all over your body, rubbing in to remove and streaks and covering every area properly excluding hands (obviously, as you have gloves on) and the face. Make sure it's evenly applied. Fake tans with an indicator dye (such as St Tropez, Lauren's Way and St Moritz among others have this) are really helpful as you can see where you applied.

-  Mix half moisturiser and half fake tan to do the collar bones and backs on the hands (pull the glove off a little to do the backs). You can't mix in enough moisturiser on your hands - you don't want them to look dark so if you want, you can also apply hand cream to dilute the tan further. Make sure the diluted tan covers between your fingers, the knuckle wrinkles and the sides of your hands too like a natural tan would.

- Take off the gloves

5. Tan your face. Using a flat cotton cosmetic pad, pump 1 pump of your ususal face moisturiser and 1 pump of fake tan onto the pad, mix with a cotton bud and then apply to the face and neck making sure it’s all even, you’ve done under your jaw line (like with foundation) and around the ear area, blending in with the hairline. Use a clean cotton bud dipped in water/makeup remover to then remove the tan from your eyebrows and upper lip – you don’t want a fake tan moustache!

6. Let it develop. Sleep with as much covering as possible or your sheets will go orange and wash off in the morning! Most fake tans take around 4 hours to develop. Don't worry in the morning if the tan looks streaky on your skin, that's ok and underneath you'll have a lovely even tan so go shower and wash it off (and have a giggle at the orange water!)


This part is the one that most people worry about and ask "does this tan go streaky, does it fade in patches?" but here's the science - ALL FAKE TANS WILL GO PATCHY UNLESS YOU MAINTAIN THEM! Skin cells naturally fall off at different rates all over your body so unless you keep buffing your skin they will inevitably go patchy. Here's how you make a tan fade naturally.

1. Buff! This might seem a little odd seeing as you spent so long applying your tan, but you have to buff off the dead cells that cling to tan. I love these exfoliating gloves from Boots and at £2.66 you can't go wrong. Get them wet in the shower, apply your favourite shower gel and just scrub all over. They're gentle enough that they don't remove your tan but good enough that it makes the tan fade.

2. Moisturise. Your skin cells need the moisture and somehow (don't ask me how, my science doesn't go that far) moisturising makes the tan last longer. Especially if you use one of those gradual tan moisturisers.

3. Half and Half. Midway through the week, mix half moisturiser and half fake tan and apply all over to keep that in-between tans glow.

4. Reapply - most people reapply fake tan once a week if they don't want to be orange.

Remember. - if your tan isn't dark enough for you after one application, apply for a few nights consecutively and this will build up the colour.

Hope this guide is helpful.  Happy safe tanning!

28 May 2012

Outfit Post: Granny Curtains Maxi Dress

I got this dress last year from Joe Browns and thought I'd break it out again in the lovely weather

It kind of reminds me of old lady curtains, and it has a spanish-y flared hem part but I love it none the less! It makes me feel very feminine and is so cool in this hot weather.

My week in photos

It's been a busy week this week!

On Sunday I did some gardening with the cat (she's good at digging) and came across this hairy caterpillar. Any idea what he is?

I made a birthday cake for my little brother's 21st which everyone loved!

I want these seagull statues but I'm not sure why...

My mum gave me a shower cap and I just realised it has horns! Here's me looking devilish

I made my first ever Yorkshire puddings and they were massive!!! I was so impressed I had to take a picture through "oven tv"

Finally today as went out for my brothers birthday to my Nan's. I met my gorgeous cousin Sammy who we haven't seen for about 15 years so cue the tears! It was so lovely!

Finally my nan dug a photo out of me when I was a baby. I loved chocolate cake even then!


27 May 2012

Outfit Post: Crop Top and Denim Shorts

Wasn't Saturday beautiful!! I'm definitely a summer baby so loved the sunshine and went round IKEA with my mum and then sat in my garden for a while!

Here's what I wore

 Shorts and Crop top - New Look, Flipflops - Aldo

Nails: Models Own Pink Punch

What do you think of the look? Too much skin on show?

26 May 2012

BB Cream Review: 17

Earlier in the week I reviewed Garnier's BB Cream as part of a proposed review series.

Today's review is on the Boots 17 Blemish Balm, it boasts

- full coverage
- Shine control
- hydrating
- SPF 15 

The product comes in a box and inside is a black, understated tube

The formula is a liquidy cream which makes it easy to spread. The colour I have is medium which is too dark for my skin but I thought I'd show you the application.

Here's my face without

and here's my face with!

As you can see it's very orange on me but it's spread more evenly than the Garnier one and I felt lasted a lot longer on my skin because it controls the shine. It's also good at covering imperfections as you can see from my VERY BRAVE photo of make-up free skin!

I think if I had the light colour this would be a really great option for a natural daytime look and I've been very impressed with this one.

Overall - 8.5/10 which is a point more than the Garnier one. It isn't very long lasting so will need powder touch-ups, but it's easier to apply than the Garnier one and it's less shiny. It's £6.99 from Boots

24 May 2012

Sponsored Post - ghd gloss collection

Are you a ghd fan? I certainly am and love to use my ghds for curling my hair and sorting out terrible hair days!

ghd have now released their new ghd IV Gloss Collection of ceramic hair straighteners in patent black (ooh shiney) and poppy red which have that classic ghd quality but looking very pretty. As always it has a super long swivel cord, and they switch off if you leave them for 30 minutes which is great! I love using my ghds for classical curls so the gloss texture would be great for this.

With their Gloss Collection press release, ghd have given us styling tips for gorgeous hair. They say once your hair is dry, place the ghd IV gloss styler, at the root and pull the hair up and away from your head. As you approach the end of the section, turn the styler in towards you as you move through to the ends. 

Have you ever bought one of the collections? I lusted over the pink ones before, but I'm loving the red ones now!


21 May 2012

Outfit - Simples!

Sometimes it's easy for us bloggers to get hung up on wearing something trendy or stylish but I want to say that beauty and fashion bloggers have normal days too! I went to a garden centre this weekend to get some plants for my window boxes and wore this.

Here I am wearing River Island Jeggings, an ASOS oversize top and Dorothy Perkins shoes and hairband. My lipstick is Beauty UK lipstick in Passion which I hear is a dupe for MAC's Impassioned.

what you think of my "down day" outfit?

20 May 2012

BB Cream Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

I've been requested by a reader to review a range of BB Creams so here's the first in the series. If you've been paying attention over the last year, BB Creams, or Blemish Balms are the "big thing" of the moment, promising skin perfection by moisturising, covering spots, with many have SPF properties and other "miracle" properties.

The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream was the first one to hit Britain. I got some in Thailand when I was there last year and it promised whitening properties, but the British one is very different.

This BB cream promises
  • even tone
  • boosted glow
  • Blurs imperfections
  • smoothes fine lines
  • SPF15 protection
  • 24hr hydration
I got some sachets from a friend so I can't comment on the packaging.

Here's my skin without any makeup. As you can see my skin is pretty clear at the moment so I need a bit of colour, something to even my skin tone and cover my smaller spots.

The prodict is very thick and creamy. It has a lovely fruity smell and spreads really easily

I have the light colour which spreads really easily into the skin and matches my skin colour with enough spreading.

Here's the after photos.

As you can see it gives colour, covered skin tone but you can still see my freckles. It's glowing and quite dewey so I need powder to stop it looking shiney. It's not greasy however so that's good! And it doesn't sit on your face uncomfortably.

Overall - It's a good BB Cream and with some powder it's a great daytime look. I really like how it spreads well and gives a very light coverage.

7.5/10 - Would like it to be a less shiny formula but it's good

19 May 2012

Crime of fashion - starfish jumpsuit

Hello crimes of fashion lovers, we have another one for you today. Even the model is laughing at what she's wearing

Do you love Maggie's star shaped snowsuit from The Simpsons? Well here's a jumpsuit to meet your needs

This must be the single most unflattering item on ASOS ever. It's a shocking £120 from ASOS and you can buy it here if you want to look like a blue velvet sack


17 May 2012

Lauren Loves Big Hair: How to get massive hair tutorial

Lots of people ask me how I get big hair, and I had a special request from EmmaBeans to show you how I do it so here's my secrets.
and I LOVE my big hair, it's a complete obsession. My hairstyle hero at the moment is Diana Vickers for always having big, but smooth and gorgeous hair.


I have thin, limb, boring hair so it's a daily battle to make it look decent but I've practiced a lot and I think I do a pretty good job! People think making your hair huge is difficult and takes time, but here's my way of getting big hair in the mornings without wasting any time. So here it is...
STEP 1. Wash your hair and condition as normal. I use TIGI Headshot hydrating shampoo, but this has been discontinued (sob!) so any moisturising shampoo and conditioner will do. You've got to look after those locks.
STEP 2. Use these products!

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray and TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion - this two miracle products dramatically make it so your hair miraculously thickens and plumps.
Comb your damp hair and spray on the thickening spray, then apply a bit of the blowdry lotion into the roots, crown and mid-lengths. Again comb through. If you have REALLY thin hair, you can also put a tiny bit of mousse at your roots, but I've never needed it and I don't like product overload.
STEP 3. Dry you hair - if you have a fringe, dry this first, then turn your head upside-down and blast it with the hairdryer until it's completely dry.
STEP 4. Now put in the most stylish rollers known to man. The ones I use are 80mm velcro rollers (usually blue) and I have about 12 of them (I couldnt' fit anymore on my head!). You can get these anywhere on the internet. I think I got mine from eBay.
Put in these huge rollers while your hair is still hot from the hairdryer, starting at the crown, section off a 2 inch bit of hair which is the same width as the roller, roll into your hair and pin in if you need to. Then blast your hair with a hot hairdryer, and put your makeup on as you wait for your hair to cool down. Here's me looking stylish in my dressing gown and rollers!
My housemate Basil once laughed at me when he saw me wearing these. I said, you'll see - I'll look like Beyonce when I've finished with these rollers! Later I came out my room and he went "Oh my god, is that Beyonce?" I <3 him for it!
STEP 5: Pull out the rollers and get volumising!
Once you've applied your makeup, take out the rollers. After these steps, your hair might be bouncey and volumous enough for your taste, if so - thanks for joining me on this journey. If you crave bigger hair like me, read on!
STEP 6: Backcombing
Meet your new best friends:
Here's my Vidal Sassoon tail comb and my Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It powder
You may not need the Dust It powder, but if you suffer from very soft-unmanagable hair when it's freshly washed, this adds some oompf and "dirt" into it, so you can squeeze your hair up and it'll hold but without feeling or looking dirty or greasy in any way.
Next, section off a line of hair under your crown and backcomb it. Backcombing has to be done carefully, and apparently if you do it right, it shouldn't actually damage the hair at all. So pick up this section into the air, and then comb the bottom 2 or 3 inches down against the scalp firmly, in gentle but firm movements about 2 or 3 times. Remember the smaller the section, the bigger your hair will turn out. If you need some video help, this video shows how to do it really well, without damaging hair. Sadly the same can't be said about a lot of other videos which seems to rip into people's hair! OUCH! I've also added it to my favourites on my YouTube channel to check it out. Moving forwards from the crown, keep sectioning off long rectangles of hair and work your way to the front. I also then do the hair at the temples and some around the crown for added effect.
You hair will come out looking something like this:

I think it's a great look! If you don't want to go out looking like a scarecrow, then use your fingers and the tail end of the comb to gentle pat your hair down and look smooth. You can do it just a little and have big hair like this or smooth it down for more of a daytime look

and finally, you can scoop it up for a texturised up-do. All I've done here is twirl the hair around into a chignon.
  If you are a backcomber, remember to use a deep conditioning mask once a week, and brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb when you condition to make sure all the backcombing is removed with minimum damage. So there you go - my tutorial on getting big hair. I'm sure if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have noticed that I do big hair every day so I definitely follow these rules and my hair is at my waist so I can say that this doesn't damage your hair. x
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