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15 Apr 2012

Review: 17 Berry Crush Lipstain

In my Boots 17 parcel, I got the 17 Berry Crush lipstain. I've always been weary of lipstains as someone who gets very dry lips, and was disappointed with the MaxFactor ones which seemed to bleed and highlight the rough patches on my lips. However after using my Holygrail lipbalm (blogging term) - Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up (review here), my lips have been gorgeous so I was excited to try this.

As you can see, the product is double-ended, with the stain pen on one side, and a balm on the other - much like the new Rimmel offering. Sadly I don't know what this colour is called as there is no label but luckily the tubes are coloured the same as the lipgloss so head for the rosey pink one!

The stain has a felt-tip nib making it easy to apply, although I had to use the side to splodge it on.

 So here's the result - before and after

aah! Neon pink! I really love this lipstain - not horrible dry patches on show and lasts a long time. The balm is good and you can top it up all day. It lasted until bed time for me which was good - I hate waking up in the morning with patchy lipstain!

Here it is in my spring makeup look from yesterday



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