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26 Apr 2012

Nails: Orly Cool Romance Collection - Faint of Heart

Orly have released the new spring range of shades called the Cool Romance collection and I was sent one to review called Faint of Heart. It's a grey-taupe colour

At first I was unsure about this colour. In the bottle it reminded me of the colour computers used to be - that odd beige grey, but on the nails it's really lovely!

It is a lovely neutral for work and makes my nails look long. It's a really interesting shade and the more I've worn it, the more I've come to love it! Definitely my spring nail colour. I'm wearing it here with my new Spinning Ring

The other lovely colours are also shown here
 It took quite a while to dry but was completely opaque in 2 layers so with a quick dry topcoat this would be great. It also lasted a really long time - 4 days with only minimal tip wear before I decided to take it off so I was impressed. I'd not tried Orly before but will be interested to buy more at the bigger Boots stores that stock it


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