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29 Apr 2012

Matching hair and lips - dip dyed hair

Dip dye is a big look at the moment, but with super-long hair, I want to try the look without dying my hair permanently so was excited to be sent some coloured sprays and creams to temporarily colour my hair.   

First I tried out the spray in purple...

 I realised my MAC "Petals and Peacocks" lipstick was the same colour as the spray so I HAD to put it on

I love the look - the product contains alcohol and a high resin content to give it colour though, so makes your hair feel product-y and very dry. I didn't have any serum so brushed it though and just went with the bushy look! As you can see it works well on the blonder sections, but the darker ends don't take the colour so well and I used a whole can doing this! (Obviously doing it wrong!)

The next day, I used the cream gel in pink. This has a lower resin content so is better for bleached and highlighted hair.

It comes out REALLY strongly coloured!

 WOW! Again I wore the matching lipstick and a top with pink on! I love bringing out the punky side of my hair!

These products aren't for prolonged use as they can dry your hair out, but after using these I used some Aussie 3 minute miracle and it brought my hair back to normal condition.

I'll defintely be using these again and I'll show you the results. I'm excited to try the pink layered over the white because that makes pastel colours. I want to try doing the under layers - do you remember when we were younger there was the video for "Come on Over" by Christina Aguilera? She had the red under layers and I wanted them when I was little!!

or putting streaks in and then plaiting my hair like this

So much inspiration to take from other blogs! I'm really enjoying experimenting, although I think I'll need a friend to help me do the back of my hair


  1. I love this but i'm thinking of ordering my own hair dip dye sprays but dont know what ones to get my hair is brown and short?....Help

  2. I'd probably recommend the creams then because they have a more intense colour and you can apply them more specifically than a spray in short hair. Or you could use the white spray to cover your hair colour and apply a coloured spray over that xxx

  3. Would You recommend styling your hair before or after? I like curls, but can you use heating products after applying the spray? :-)

  4. Would You recommend styling your hair before or after? I like curls, but can you use heating products after applying the spray? :-)

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