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29 Apr 2012

Matching hair and lips - dip dyed hair

Dip dye is a big look at the moment, but with super-long hair, I want to try the look without dying my hair permanently so was excited to be sent some coloured sprays and creams to temporarily colour my hair.   

First I tried out the spray in purple...

 I realised my MAC "Petals and Peacocks" lipstick was the same colour as the spray so I HAD to put it on

I love the look - the product contains alcohol and a high resin content to give it colour though, so makes your hair feel product-y and very dry. I didn't have any serum so brushed it though and just went with the bushy look! As you can see it works well on the blonder sections, but the darker ends don't take the colour so well and I used a whole can doing this! (Obviously doing it wrong!)

The next day, I used the cream gel in pink. This has a lower resin content so is better for bleached and highlighted hair.

It comes out REALLY strongly coloured!

 WOW! Again I wore the matching lipstick and a top with pink on! I love bringing out the punky side of my hair!

These products aren't for prolonged use as they can dry your hair out, but after using these I used some Aussie 3 minute miracle and it brought my hair back to normal condition.

I'll defintely be using these again and I'll show you the results. I'm excited to try the pink layered over the white because that makes pastel colours. I want to try doing the under layers - do you remember when we were younger there was the video for "Come on Over" by Christina Aguilera? She had the red under layers and I wanted them when I was little!!

or putting streaks in and then plaiting my hair like this

So much inspiration to take from other blogs! I'm really enjoying experimenting, although I think I'll need a friend to help me do the back of my hair

26 Apr 2012

Nails: Orly Cool Romance Collection - Faint of Heart

Orly have released the new spring range of shades called the Cool Romance collection and I was sent one to review called Faint of Heart. It's a grey-taupe colour

At first I was unsure about this colour. In the bottle it reminded me of the colour computers used to be - that odd beige grey, but on the nails it's really lovely!

It is a lovely neutral for work and makes my nails look long. It's a really interesting shade and the more I've worn it, the more I've come to love it! Definitely my spring nail colour. I'm wearing it here with my new Spinning Ring

The other lovely colours are also shown here
 It took quite a while to dry but was completely opaque in 2 layers so with a quick dry topcoat this would be great. It also lasted a really long time - 4 days with only minimal tip wear before I decided to take it off so I was impressed. I'd not tried Orly before but will be interested to buy more at the bigger Boots stores that stock it

23 Apr 2012

Crimes of Fashion: Denim Disaster

We all love a good crime of fashion, and my gosh did I find one when browsing ASOS today!

This is the ASOS Colour Blocked Denim Shirt and costs a huge £40! I thought double denim was the biggest fahsion disaster but this looks like you got in a fight with a sewing machine in the denim section of TK Maxx!!

Anyone like this?! x

21 Apr 2012

New Ring: Timothy Roe Spinning Ring

Like some other bloggers, I was sent a "Spinning Ring" from Timothy Roe a couple of weeks ago and am excited to show it to you guys.

Firstly, it came in a lovely bag...

and inside the bag was another bag...

and inside there was a lovely ring!

This is the "Glitter Heart" ring from the Spinning Rings Primo collection. It's sterling silver and is only £19!

The idea of the spinning rings collection is that you can stack them up with any other items in the collection such as these inspirations...

Here's how the ring looks in perspective...

It's a lovely, delicate ring and has got my a lot of compliments so far! I've been wearing it every day!

This has triggered a real obsession with Spinning Rings. I'd love the Birthstone ring (July for me!)

There are lots of price ranges, the primo range are all £19, the max range are £35 and the birthstones vary.

I also love...

What do you think of Spinning Rings and stacking rings? I'm going to pop by the Timothy Roe shop in Chichester next time I'm there

17 Apr 2012

My Home DIY Progress

I know some of you love DIY and Changing Rooms and have been looking at my other blog - Lauren Makes a Home but for those who don't, here's my befores and afters from when I first bought my house in October

The Kitchen




The Dining Room



The Lounge



My Bedroom 


Spare Room


After (before the carpets were fitted - I need to tidy the room and take a new photo!

If you like home blogs, check out Lauren Makes a Home


16 Apr 2012

Evening bronzed face using 17 products

I was sent the new 17 Instant Glow bronzer which is for the face and body - and it's massive!

It's a very cute palette - I love the leopard spots! However I've used it twice and they've all gone now :-( I shouldn't have expected the pattern to go all the way through I guess.

I don't tend to be a fan of glitter in bronzer so maybe it's a good thing the gold has now gone leaving hte more matte bronzer.

Here's the evening look I created with this palette and the Starry Eyes eyeshadow trio in "Neptune"

I love how bronzed but natural this has left me. It spread really easily and hasn't left the "muddy face" effect that some bronzers do!

I used the gold over the whole eye and over the socket, then washed the purpe over the lid and used a tiny bit of the green smudged into the corner

I also used kohl eyeliner and 17 peep show mascara. I love the colours in the Starry Eyes palette - I think it really brings out the green in my eyes.

What do you think of this dressed-down evening look?

15 Apr 2012

Review: 17 Berry Crush Lipstain

In my Boots 17 parcel, I got the 17 Berry Crush lipstain. I've always been weary of lipstains as someone who gets very dry lips, and was disappointed with the MaxFactor ones which seemed to bleed and highlight the rough patches on my lips. However after using my Holygrail lipbalm (blogging term) - Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up (review here), my lips have been gorgeous so I was excited to try this.

As you can see, the product is double-ended, with the stain pen on one side, and a balm on the other - much like the new Rimmel offering. Sadly I don't know what this colour is called as there is no label but luckily the tubes are coloured the same as the lipgloss so head for the rosey pink one!

The stain has a felt-tip nib making it easy to apply, although I had to use the side to splodge it on.

 So here's the result - before and after

aah! Neon pink! I really love this lipstain - not horrible dry patches on show and lasts a long time. The balm is good and you can top it up all day. It lasted until bed time for me which was good - I hate waking up in the morning with patchy lipstain!

Here it is in my spring makeup look from yesterday

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