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3 Mar 2012

Saturday Skincare

Hey girls,

I'm having a lazy Saturday of cleaning the house whilst at the same time doing some skincare (stops me from feeling guilty about treating myself to a pampering session if I can tie it in with cleaning the loo!)

I'm using the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask
The face mask comes with a muslin cloth and a waterproof bag, similar to the other face masks that Liz Earle does. The instructions say to use it once a week or as often as necessary, but I've found this a lovely treat to my skin so may do it more often sometimes. It says to put on a fairly thick layer after cleansing your face and the first time I did it, I didn't think it would really moisturise because it just felt like an ordinary face mask and started drying out, but amazingly, when you wipe it off with the damp muslin at the end of the 10 minutes, your face feels really moisturised! The next day, my skin feels nourished, soft and the irritation my sensitive skin sometimes shows looks calmer. My mum has sworn by it for a long time and says she always gets comments about how fresh she's looking after she's used it.

I have very sensitive skin, and this doesn't irritate me at all. In fact I find this calms my skin down. Overall, for the £12.75 price tag, this is a must buy for those with dry, sensitive skin. Buy it from here.
If you also fancy doing a Saturday Skincare facial, see my guide on how to do your own facial at home.
I'm also looking at ASOS at the moment and am in love with this t-shirt but can't find it. If you like the skirt it's here. If you know where I can find this t-shirt please let me know!  
I'm also considering saving up for a Mac laptop? What are your thoughts? I'm having so many troubles with my current one which is only 18 months old. I had this horrendous message today
You know there's something wrong when task manager crashes!

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  1. Hi Lauren! How is life? Send me an update sometime ;)

    I was just going to say that I have had my mac laptop for nearly four years now. The battery has completely died, but it still works when plugged in (which windows don't do), but apart from that it is absolutely five. Michael is a total mac devotee too and I couldn't recommend them more! If you want to know anything specific just ask xxx


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