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16 Mar 2012

Review: Anatomicals "Stop cracking up" lip balm

I bought Anatomicals "Stop Cracking Up" lipbalm last weekend at Boots and I LOVE IT!!!
(it comes in a green box if you can't find it!)

I have used hundreds of lipbalms in my life. I was on Roaccutaine as a teenager which made my lips very dry, and as a result I'd bite them and I think I have left them scarred and developed biting my lips as a habit. My lips tend to look very dry unless I have lipstick on, and even after using a normal lipbalm or Vaseline, my lips return to looking like this within an hour.

After using this lipbalm for 2 days, this is how my lips look 2 hours after application of Stop Cracking Up. As you can see it's a huge difference!

The texture of the balm is more like a gloss, and it stays on your lips for a long time, even after drinking and eating. Even when it's worn off, I find my lips feel moisturised and stay looking "plump" without the deep grooves for a long time. After using this for a few days, I feel my lips are finally repairing themselves, I'm not biting (so much) because of the texture of the gloss.

I don't think it really has a flavour but others say it's floral-y smelling. It doesn't really have a taste either.

Overall - best lipbalm I have ever tried!!! For £2.49 it's a bargain and you MUST get it! 

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  1. Agreed, it really helped with my lips to. Though I find that after using it daily for a longer period I need to complement with something with a bit of fat.



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