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13 Mar 2012

Further Fashion Crimes!

Caz - crimes of fashion reporter in the field has spotted some beauties in her time, but today she has spotted some crimes that make her worthy of a new title - Lauren Loves Head of Fashion Crimes. On her trips she has seen...

A wedding dress shop that sells some Big Fat Gypsy contenders

And on holiday in Cardiff this week she spotted these £120 beauties

Well done Caz! Keep sending in your star finds!

If you also spot any crimes of fashion, take a snap and either tweet me @laurenlovesblog, email me lauren@laurenlovesblog.com or facebook message me on the Lauren Loves facebook page


  1. Ha ha those boots r just mental! What. Great feature!

  2. Those boots would look ridiculous even if it was Christmas! They hurt my eyes :(

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  3. love the first one.. looks pretty..


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