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20 Feb 2012

Sponsored Video: Cheryl Cole and L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

I noticed this video of behind the scenes with Cheryl Cole on the new L'Oreal advert at Unruly Media, and if you're a Cheryl fan you'll enjoy it

In the video, sponsored by L'Oreal, Cheryl shows us backstage on the advert. She seems to actually genuinely love the mascara too!

In the video, Cheryl shows us around the set of her advert, where she's supposed to be tiny as the advert (and mascara) are branded as "off the scale"; I love the giant seat! She wears a selection of gorgeous dresses that I'd kill for, and a really bling ring at the end which is also now on my birthday list. It's also nice to see Cheryl with a blonde wavy bob - I love her hair in the very last scenes where it's all beach waves and not the polished look we're used to.

Are you interested in the mascara? Have you ever tried L'Oreal telescopic? I'd be interested in your opinions as I've not tried it before but am tempted


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