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29 Feb 2012

Review: Vani-T Mineral Makeup

A few weeks ago, a PR company emailed me about a relatively unheard of company called Vani-T. With people like Dannii Minogue claiming to love it, I said I'd be happy to sample and review the products.

The idea behind the products is that Tania Walsh, a beauty therapist, started this brand with the belief that what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into it, so conscious of what products she use for her own skin, she created Vani-T, a brand using natural and organic ingredients but packaged in recyclable packaging. Whilst The products are free of parabens, harmful preservatives, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial colours etc.

Mineral Blush - £21.50

This product, packaged in a plastic jar with massive bling on the top comes with a few holes on the top to ensure you don't get too much colour out. The colour I've reviewed is Peach Sorbet, a gorgeous peach colour with a slight shimmer which really makes my english rose complexion look healthy rather than wintery!

The product is very pigmented so you don't need much as you can see from my hand! Overall I really like the colour and formulation of the blusher, but it will take me a while to not use too much! I think the colour and shimmer are quite unique and thankfully the sheen isn't "glitter" like some cheaper blushers.

Vani-T Mineral Eye Crayon - £19.50

This chunky eye crayon with great colour payoff

The colour reviewed is "steel" and is a lovely metallic, gunmetal grey. This eyeliner works really well for smokey eyes because it smudges out but lasts well all night. I've been using it to line my eyes after using the Sleek Storm palette to give some glitz to my smokey eyes.

Again this product is expensive for an eyeliner, but is really lovely quality, doesn't drag but leave a creamy line.

Vani-T Shimmer Mineral Colour Crystal Eyeshadow - £15.75

This mineral eyeshadow again has great colour pay-off and is amazingly metallic! This is the colour glimmer beige and is a lovely sparkling bronze/gold eyeshadow. However like other metallic eyeshadows you need a primer or vaseline on your lids to hold the colour on and there is a lot of fall-out when you apply it

This probably isn't the best product for more sensitive eyes - my eyes were quite irritated the next day but I didn't remove my makeup that night... naughty!

Vani-T Mineral Lipstick (can't find a price for this one)

This lippie is bling!! The packaging is just outrageous - I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or makes me look like a big fat gypsy when I get it out in public though I love it!

 The lipstick I was sent was in the colour "undress" which is a colour I'd not have picked on my own but actually I was nicely suprised by it

The colour looks quite matt coming out the tube, but on my really dry lips it doesn't pick up any bits of dry skin and actually looks very nice! It also makes my teeth look very white which I also like! However nude lippie lovers... I need your advice on what looks to wear my new lipstick with!

Overall Vani-T is certainly a product range I'm going to look out for in the future as it slowly comes over from Australia. Being a lover of natural products already I've been really impressed with the quality of the products in comparison to other mineral and organic makeups. The range is quite expensive, but in comparison to other mineral makeup ranges it's about evenly priced.

Do you like new makeup ranges? What is your experience of mineral makeup?


28 Feb 2012

OOTD: Black textures and Platforms

With my winnings from Aussie and ASOS, I've started shopping. Here's my first purchase - the ASOS oversize tunic top which is down to £20 and available here 

Here I've paired it with some old Rare wet-look leggings and my New Look wedge boots (these are similar) I love mixing textures!

What do you think of my new tunic, do you like to mix textures?

27 Feb 2012

New Blog Makeover!

My blog has had a big makeover!

Due to Google removing Friend Connect on non-Blogger blogs, I've moved back over to Blogger so I don't lose any followers. It's been a hard move and there are still going to be glitches as I move over posts and find out how to work blogger again but let me know if you spot any problems.

For a reminder, here's my old blog

and here's my update! What do you think? Hopefully you like it as much as me?

I'll be posting more, and I have a big giveaway coming up to celebrate the new blog and my blog's 2nd birthday but more to come in March about that!

Much love, can't wait to hear your opinions

Lauren Loves xxx


20 Feb 2012

Sponsored Video: Cheryl Cole and L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

I noticed this video of behind the scenes with Cheryl Cole on the new L'Oreal advert at Unruly Media, and if you're a Cheryl fan you'll enjoy it

In the video, sponsored by L'Oreal, Cheryl shows us backstage on the advert. She seems to actually genuinely love the mascara too!

In the video, Cheryl shows us around the set of her advert, where she's supposed to be tiny as the advert (and mascara) are branded as "off the scale"; I love the giant seat! She wears a selection of gorgeous dresses that I'd kill for, and a really bling ring at the end which is also now on my birthday list. It's also nice to see Cheryl with a blonde wavy bob - I love her hair in the very last scenes where it's all beach waves and not the polished look we're used to.

Are you interested in the mascara? Have you ever tried L'Oreal telescopic? I'd be interested in your opinions as I've not tried it before but am tempted


Sponsored post

17 Feb 2012

Guest Post: Treating Damaged Hair doesn't have to be a Headache

Who said restoring your limp, damaged hair had to be difficult? Here, we offer some tips that most anyone can implement to bring life back to hair.

What causes damage to your hair?
There are several ways that you can damage your hair, some of them without you even knowing it. Most hair damage results from the stripping of the protective protein barrier that protects each strand from harsh elements. Chemical processes are a common cause of this stripping. Heat styling can also compromise the makeup of your hair strands because a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer that is too hot will actually cause the water inside each hair strand to boil, which can destroy them from the inside.
Though they are common, these aren’t the only causes of hair damage. Lesser known evils when it comes to hair care are accessories, such as ponytail holders and hair clips that put too much stress on your tresses. If you wear these kinds of accessories every day or nearly every day, the repeated strain on your hair can cause breakage.
Last, but not least, extreme weather can cause severe damage to your hair. If you’re like many people, you may think of summer as a time for swimming and sunbathing. Unfortunately, the sun’s harsh UV rays, salt water from the ocean, and chlorine from a swimming pool can all make your hair strands weaker and more susceptible to breakage. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to wear a hat when you spend extended time outside and to use a special cleansing shampoo immediately after swimming.
How can I repair my damaged hair?
Often times, repairing damaged hair amounts to a change in routine and lifestyle, instead of a one-time treatment. This may sound tedious, but these changes are usually easy to implement and may even take less time than your current routine.
The first thing to do when trying to repair damaged hair is to use less heat on it. For some, this may simply mean blow drying on a lower heat setting. However, it most often means that you should limit the number of times per week that you use a straightener or curling iron. If your hair has been damaged from heat styling, try wearing using its naturally curly, wavy, or straight pattern to create protective styles such as french braids or low ponytails.
Another important habit to form in order to repair damaged hair is an intense conditioning routine. You should use a regular conditioner each time you shampoo your hair, but you may also want to consider using a leave-in conditioner as well, especially if you blow dry your hair because they act as a heat protectant. And once a week, you should use a richer hair treatment, such as ”John Frieda Full Repair” Deep Conditioner, which is meant for intense moisturising. Make sure to leave it on the hair for at least half an hour before rinsing out.
Just as important as what you use for conditioner is how you use it. The roots of your hair are often sufficiently nourished from the natural oils that your scalp produces, so when using conditioner, it is better to focus on the mid-length of the hair shaft as well as the ends. In particular, using conditioner on the ends will help you avoid split ends or keep them from getting worse. If you struggle with keeping your ends from splitting, you may also want to use a dime-sized amount of conditioner on dry hair as a daily moisturiser. For example, John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion is light enough to use on ends without weighing hair down.
One of the least known ways to improve hair strength is to change your diet. This is because your body uses the protein and vitamins from the foods that you eat to growth strong, healthy hair. If you’re undernourished, not only will your hair grow slower, but it will also be weaker than it should. Infuse your diet with foods like beans, eggs, carrots, avocado and olive oil to get a comprehensive mix of B vitamins, E vitamins, and protein. Also, remember to drink lots of water, which will nourish your entire body with much-needed moisture, including your hair.
In general, the rules of hair repair work best when you keep it simple. Good nutrition and handling your hair with care will result in shinier, fuller, and stronger locks that you can be proud to show off.

11 Feb 2012

Handbags that look like paper cartoons!

I saw this on thefashionpolice.net and had to show you guys! The company JumpFromPaper have created handbags that look like they're 2D drawings, but are actually genuine handbags! They are mindblowing!



See this


The bags are quite expensive, and are imported so might incur taxes but I think they are just the most unique bags I've ever seen and even with the video I can't quite get my head around them. I need one!

What do you think of bags that look like cartoons?


9 Feb 2012

Charity Valentine's Gift - Own a Colour with Purple Ronnie

Purple Ronnie, Dulux and UNICEF have teamed up to create an individual Valentine's gift - Own A Colour! For a minimum donation of a pound, you can get your loved one a custom Purple Ronnie poem and the chance to pick and name a unique colour; and at the same time you can save a child! So far they've raised over £99,000 but obviously want to raise more. If you buy one now, the gift will appear on your loved one's facebook wall on Valentine's day!


They did me one!


For fashion tips and beauty

For make-up, skirts and gloves

There’s just one destination blog

It must be Lauren Loves!



Head to their facebook page now to have a look and own a colour! (and save a child, obviously)

Disclaimer - I was not paid for this post, I was just made a drawing and poem


6 Feb 2012

Crimes of Fashion - Brand edition

Since starting my Crimes of Fashion posts, I don't think any other company has been classed as criminals as often as Aqua! Here's the highlights I discovered this week!

Do you know those annoying door tassl-y bits in some shops or in 70s houses. This dress reminds me of them! And what's with the strange ears that cover your boobs?! If you want this dress it's (surprisingly) reduced to £110 and you can get it here. p.s. you can take the string part off and have an odd shaped minidress (sadly the ear boob flaps don't come off)

Ever had one hot leg and one cold leg? No me neither, but the designers at Aqua think there's a market out there! This skirt is reduced to £45 at ASOS here, and I could see myself closing the car door and driving for miles with the long half sticking out the door!

The unflattering outfit of the week award goes to this jumpsuit

It even makes the model look dumpy which totally frustrates me as it could look really gorgeous if it didn't make her look like the most pear-shaped pear in a box of pears. Plus it's already puckering around the zip.

Anyway that's enough bitchyness for this week. I think I need a shower to wash off the nasty-ness!


5 Feb 2012

My week - Aussie winning and lust lists

I know I've been so lazy with my blog recently so I thought I'd give you another update on my week.


I'm working away at my new job and still loving it. I'm working with an amazing girl Becky who I discovered also has a blog so you should TOTALLY check her out because she has an AMAZING sense of style. Her blog is By Becky


I was so excited to learn on Thursday that I WON the Aussie Hair AussieMore competition (see my post here for what I did!). I won a £250 gift voucher for ASOS and found out that ASOS were also giving 25% off for students so armed with the boyfriend's student card I bought these 2 dresses


ASOS Midi Dress With Contrast Belt - £45.00

ASOS Midi Fit & Flare Dress with Basqued Waist - £45.00

I love this style of dress, which would be perfect for work and also going out. I'm not sure what else to get with my voucher though - I'm so used to trying not to lust after things since I bought a house! However I think being allowed to buy things at ASOS has caused problems and now I want things all over the place.


Also on my lust list is this dress from ASDA

Belted pleat dress - £20


I also love this jacket from Topshop where I have a £30 voucher left from Christmas!

Asymmetric Belted Jacket - £58.00


Moving in is going well, but slowly. Here's my bedroom at the moment (my hangout! I love my bedroom)

I still haven't found homes for everything, and the spare room is a mess of suitcases and boxes. I also have to get someone to tile the kitchen so we can finish it and decorate the 2nd hallway (which I'm hoping to start tomorrow). Moving is such hard work. I seem to spend my life unpacking, washing up and finding a home for things!


I will try to blog more this week. I have a few ideas so I'm going to try and write them  up when I have time and schedule some posts. I am trying, bear with me and I will get back to normal when I've finished unpacking!


Much love to you all, especially the other Aussie Angels who made me cry with their kind words of support xxx

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