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7 Jan 2012

Survey Results: What readers want to see from blogs

So for the last couple of months I've been asking blog readers to say what they love and hate about blogs and I'm now sharing the answers for all bloggers who are looking for inspiration updating their blogs. The words used are the exact words people said when responding. I'm sorry I've written it out with graphs like a lab report but I am a scientist after all!



Q1 - What kind of things make you love a blog?


Q2 - What kind of things do you HATE when reading a blog?

  • Photos are bad quality

  • Cluttered blogs

  • Bad spelling/grammar

  • No home page

  • Too many colours

  • Too many posts on expensive items

  • Press photos

  • Forceful/desperate writing

  • Dark backgrounds

  • No post varietyToo much self indulgence

  • When everyone has the same item to review

  • Small writing

  • Obvious advertising and lack of genuineness


Q3 - What topics do you like to read about? (I'm afraid the crimes of fashion one is specific to my blog as far as I'm aware)


Q4 - How do you like posts laid out?


Q5 - Do you mind adverts?


Q6 - What type of layout do you prefer?

  • Minimalist

  • One main column and 1 or 2 side columns

  • Clear to read

  • Maintaining some sense of personal style - too many blogs are the same looking at the moment

  • Black writing on white background

  • Nice tabs and a good header

  • Obvious what words are links

  • Cute, eclectic and feminine

  • No gadgets such as music players

  • Follower and search tabs should be easy to find


Q 7 - who's blog layouts do you like?




  1. Thanks for this post, very interesting xx

  2. Ooooh, wow this is very interesting! The thing that shocks me most is that people don't like hauls?! I personally don't do them, but people always seem to like them on other blogs! Thanks for doing this, as a blogger it's very insightful! xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us :) really interesting to see and I would agree with everything you've found xx www.mediamarmalade.com

  4. What a good post! I'm always trying to improve my blog so I'll definitely put some of this into practice.

  5. Thanks for sharing, its interesting to read these opinions :)

  6. I personally don’t do them, but people always seem to like them on other blogs! Thanks for doing this, as a blogger it’s very insightful, thanks for sharing.

  7. Ooh I came here because your blog came up on my google analytics for referral links and I found that someone said they liked my layout, I'm flattered :) I really like your blog too, I've just spent the summer renovating my first house with my boyfriend so I enjoyed looking at yours too.


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