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12 Jan 2012

Sponsored - Merino Wool - no finer feeling

Disclaimer: Sponsored post, but it's an important cause!

Merino wool's No Finer Feeling campaign is a 5 year educational proramme which is trying to teach all of us about Merino wool and its benefits in an age where our fashion is made from man-made fibres and environmentally un-friendly things.

Designers have always favoured Merino wool for its quality and luxe feeling, plus the lack of that wooly "itch" and the way it holds its shape for years; and when you think about wool, Merino is always a lovely, soft option (I love my soft wooly jumper and being wrapped up in it over the winter). Sadly though, and I'm openly admitting I'm one of them, most youn people don't know the benefits of wool and we all choose man made fibres and wool-alikes bur really we should be choosing wool and trying to get the shops to sell wool! Wool is much better for the environment - natural, renewable and biodegradable (and think of the cute sheep!)

The campaign has released some gorgeous imagery to try and catch fashion-consicous young people's eye. I love the image above and this one (which is a little naughty but reminds me of a way of updating boring tweeds!!

If you're interested in getting involved in the campaign, head to their website and find out more about wool and why we need to start trying to buy it! and check out this racy video


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