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29 Jan 2012

The @Aussie_Hair_UK #AussieMore challenge final and round-up

So for the last 2 months (almost) I've been trying out the new Aussie bigger bottles

Ok, they're not really that big!!


Here's the new ones next to the old smaller bottles.


The challenge was to take a photo of your hair every time you wash and style with the new bigger bottles and create a diary of the looks. I REALLY enjoyed this challenge as you might be able to see! 29 washes later, here's the looks I created:

Wash 1 - Curly posh up do

Wash 2 - French pleats into a bun

Wash 3 - double halo braid

Wash 4 - Messy bun

Wash 5 - Croyden facelift hight ponytail



I created a video for how to do a simple halo braid which you can watch here



Wash 6 - sideways French pleat

Wash 7 - high backcombed bun

Wash 8 - inside-out french pleat

Wash 9 - straightened hair

Wash 10 - not sure how to describe this... a messy spiky thing?

Wash 11 - a sideways ponytail


I created another video to show you how to do the inside-out french pleat and also the sideways french pleat


Wash 12 - a faux bob

Wash 13 - a french pleat into a sideways bun

Wash 14 - my natural down hair

Wash 15 - a hair bow

Wash 16 - my first day of my new job so a ponytail with wrapped over bobble

Wash 17 - half-up half-down with a beehive

Wash 18 - just a hairband


I created another video to show how to do the faux bob with long hair



Wash 19 - curly hair (I was trying to copy Zooey Dechanel!)

Wash 20 - a plaited bun. Apparently looked like a danish pastry

Wash 21 - some up, some down and a flower

Wash 22 - huge 60s hair with pinned back fringe

Was 23 - Crazy buns! (not a winning look here!)

Wash 24 - Plaited fringe hairband



Wash 25 - volumous hair with a low ponytail

Wash 26 - wavy hair to compliment my 1920s look

Wash 27 - grown-up low pigtails

Wash 28 - a ponytail with ribbon bow (ribbon stolen off the Christmas cake!)

Wash 29 - French pleat pigtails

Overall, my bottles have around 25% left and that's after almost 2 months of washing my hair every other day. I've been really impressed with the bottles although I am facing the challenge all long-haired girls face... I use much more conditioner than shampoo and the conditioner bottles are smaller than shampoo ones! I tend to be ok though as I use 3 minute miracle once a week which saves some conditioner.

I've loved this challenge, and I hope you've enjoyed my regular posts and get some hair-spiration!


  1. Fab post lots of hair inspiration :) I am sooo boring with mine. I love your duvet too may I ask where it's from?

  2. Lauren, this challenge was made for you! Very tricky for me to take part in, seeing as I don't show my face and don't change my hair that often! Shall definitely be trying you "spikey thing" tomorrow though xx

  3. The blue one? It's a Cath Kitson-alike from eBay! One side is spotty and the other is red roses! Xxx

  4. Thats a lot of different hair styles, you really are talented x

  5. Loooooooooooooove the halo plait! :D And thanks so much for the tutorial. Epic WIN :) Also the plait bun :) Don't think it looks like a danish pastry tho :)

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  7. Wow so many pretty hair styles, I wish I was so creative with my hair but I find it hard to make me hair co operate.

  8. Thanks for sharing your talent doing some different of hairstyle..I get a lot of idea..

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  10. That is totally fabulous! I am amaze your hair dressings they all look great and fabulous!


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