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20 Dec 2011

Review: RUSH Hair Christmas Cracker Makeover

I'm afraid the Advent Calendar has gone a bit wrong this year. I got really poorly on Thursday (had a cold since last Monday) and I've been in bed since then so not felt up to anything I'm afraid.

On Saturday, feeling unwell and sorry for myself, I dragged myself to RUSH in Portsmouth for the Christmas Cracker Makeover treat (for £30). This involves a cut, conditioning treatment and a posh styling session which sounded like the ideal thing for me to make me feel better and a bit prettier. I was greeted at the door by the lovely team who took my coat, offered me a drink and showed me to my seat with some brand new magazines which was exciting.



The salon was glossy and modern which was lovely. After only a few minutes, Bradley, my "stylist" came over and we discussed what I wanted. With my lack of voice I managed to say I wanted BIG hair, something rocky and style-able, but not Cheryl Cole cutesy smooth. Brad seemed to get what I wanted straight away and I was whisked off to "the spa" to get my hair washed and treated.

I had a lovely relaxing head massage and a chat with a girl who loved false eyelashes more than me! I was then taken back to the main salon part for the "big" do.


Brad set my hair in massive rollers while we laughed about looking Desperate Scousewives and he did fantastic impressions. I think I looked quite chic in the rollers!

I had such a great time chatting to Brad. He knew his fashion stuff and we chatted for ages about our favourite designers (Mine, Valentino; He, so many fab deisgners). He also gave me some amazing tips on how to style my hair such as how to back comb properly (firm pushes from the mid section of your hair and comb out before another push to not damage hair), what root boost spray I NEED and also how to style my fringe, blow-dry it properly and so much more. I had the most fun chatting to him without the old "so where you going on holiday then?" talk! I don't think I stopped giggling. The whole team were also lovely, passing and making compliments or joining in the conversations.


Finally when the rollers were out, Brad went about cutting my hair. I have a huge phobia of hairdressers - I've been to the same hairdresser since I was about 4 and the only time I strayed, my hair was dyed yellow! Bradley was very kind though and showed me how much he wanted to trim off at each stage and reassured me. He found a few places where my hairdresser had "stepped" the layers and they didn't blend in at all (eek!) and also where my growing out fringe had been cut badly (gulp!) but he made that right and my layers do now sit softer and my fringe is 100% better. SO... here are the before and after shots so you can see the makeover!



As you can see my hair looks big, gorgeous boho flicky, but also the layers are softer without that big "step" in the first picture. The volume is amazing and I was promised that the blowdry would last up to a week with dry shampoo.

Christmas jumper!

Overall, the price of the salon in general is cheaper or equal to the others in my area, with a cut and blowdry for £39 and half head of highlights for £66. Plus 25% off your first visit and £20 off if you recommend a friend (and they get theirs half price). I was a little irked when someone tried to sell me the range of products they used, and if you wanted a conditioning treatment you'd have to pay extra which was different from what I'm used to I guess but is probably again comparable to other big salons.

I had a really fantastic time, walked away with celebrity hair and will be going back for trims (sorry regular hairdresser!). I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone there for making me feel better and look gorgeous.

Here's the team who washed and styled my hair!

If you want the Christmas Cracker deal like I had, it's available from Boxing Day  and Salons are around the South Coast and London - just go to here to find your nearest



  1. Your hair looks lovely hun, hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Sounds like a great priced treat, shame there aren't any in the North!

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