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14 Dec 2011

Hair Diary Challenge with @Aussie_Hair_UK #AussieMore Week 1

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen recently that there's been a BIG palava going on with Aussie! Last week the cheeky scamps sent out massive bottles to celebrate their new massive bottles (apologies for camera phone photo-arama today)


That's right, the new bottles come to your waist!! Nah, I'm kidding. It's an inflatible bottle. The new ones look like this:

As you can see quite a bit bigger, and only a couple of pounds more. (Still the conditioner is smaller than the shampoo though which isn't the best for super-long haired girls like me!).


Aussie challenged all the Angels to see how long their bottles can last now they're bigger and asked us to document our hairstyles. I've been doing this on twitter, but not to leave out you lovely blog readers, and also because I love hair styling (as proved by posts here and here) I thought I'd share my first week with you guys too.


 Day 1: Curly up do with my GHDs

Day 2: German style french pleat buns

Day 3: Double french pleat halo (see my video here for how to do a basic halo)

Day 4: A messy bun. Well I was painting my house!

Day 5: a face-lift creating high ponytail


Which style do you like the best? Stay tuned for week 2... next week!




  1. Oh I love the Day 2 style! Wish my hair was long enough to try it out!


  2. I love the braided up dos! I need to start getting more creative.

  3. Love the first and fourth styles most :) that's quite handy they're now available in larger sized bottles!


  4. I love how creative you are with your hair - I love look two. I haven't started using my bottles yet but I can see them lasting me AGES! x

  5. I adore day 1 and day 2 styles! Your hair is so pretty! :D

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