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2 Dec 2011

Day 2 - Glitter shoes and a tutorial

I LOVE GLITTER SHOES! That's no secret. I think they're amazing for the Christmas season too so today's treat is a range of the best (and most affordable) glitter shoes about and also a tutorial for making your own which I published not long ago.


ASOS PUMP IT UP Glitter Platform Court Shoe £50.00 NOW £37.50


ASOS PEPPER Platform Peep Toe Mary Jane  Shoes £50.00 NOW £37.50


Matalan Glitter shoes - £14


Topshop AMETHYST Multi Glitter Boots - £70


LOVE THEM! and here is my tutorial which was originally posted here on how to make your own for cheap!
Yesterday I showed you my glitter shoes which I’m totally in love with and promised I’d do a “how to make glitter shoes” guide so here it is!


You will need

- Shoes which need glitter!

- Sandpaper

- Some glitter. I used one pot of 75g glitter

- Super-glue. I used Bostick All Purpose Extra Strong Adhesive which seemed to last really well

- Paintbrushes

- Old Pot


- Hairspray


How to

1. Start off with some shoes that you want to glitter-fy. I used these scuffed old Primark peep-toes which were unwearable.




2. I then carefully sanded each one all over to “key” it in as it was patent leather.


you can see it looks rougher

3. Choose your glitter colour. I was stuck between pink and blue so put the question to twitter

Next I made a mixture of glue and glitter in a pot and mixed it up so the glitter was really thick but not too thick as it would clump



4. I then quickly covered the shoes in the glue and glitter mixture until they were completely covered. If using superglue then work super-quick! Then put a thin coat of glue over the top over the paint tray liberally shake glitter over the shoes



5. I put the shoes on a paint tray to dry


6. Finally, when they’re dry (I gave them 24 hours) spray liberally with hairspray all over (but don’t choke yourself!) and wear!

sparkly shoes 1



  1. Wow, they look awesome with the glitter on :D Noting that I am completely incapable of walking in heels, I've been eyeing up a pair of red glittery shoes in New Look, because even though I'd probably have to stand on the spot and not move in them, I quite like the idea of pretending to be Dorothy in her ruby red slippers ;P

    Definitely a great way of updating a worn pair of shoes in time for Party Season :)

  2. So Cute, Lauren! I just posted a link to this on our Facebook Community - awesome job...love it!

  3. Very clever and very cute. :)

  4. That's a great idea! But I think I'll apply it to a purse instead! Thanks for sharing!xx

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