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1 Dec 2011

Day 1 - Treats and Giveaway

Well done for opening the door to my advent calendar! This hidden post is where you'll find all the treats so come back and look again tomorrow.

Today's treat is the gorgeous Independent Boutique.com which sells all sorts of yummy treats and who have sponsored a Lauren Loves giveaway today.

Some of the items I am coverting from Independent Boutique include: (and anyone with some money, I'd love these for Xmas please!)

Bourne by Elise Berger "Singdrossel Dress" for £100. How gorgeous is this unique dress. I love the ruffles!

Independent Boutique has also introduced me to my new favourite designer - Klue by Kelly Ann! Here's some AMAZING dresses

Jade dress - £70

Dixie Dress - £130

The Lauren Dress - £85 (this dress was even named the same asme! It's fate!)

and some beautiful jewellery...

Alice Menter Frankie Large earrings in gold - £45

8.L.A. Roxy pearl bracelet - £98

and continuing my obsession with birds!

Jana Reinhardt silver sparrow bracelet - £220

Jana Reinhardt silver sparrow ring - £115

Finally I'm loving The Peony and Moore Lucia shoulder bag which is £199 and looks amazingly like the Mulberry Annie!

the bottom one is the Mulberry!


And we are lucky enough to have a pair of Marmalade Cashmere handwarmers to giveaway! These stripey handwarmers are super soft and really cosy as they are made from 100% cashmere so perfect for winter which has now arrived. They RRP at £55


To win:

  • Comment on this post with "enter me" and tell me what you got in your advent calendar today

  • Leave your email address in the email box below - only I will be able to see this.

  • Giveaway closes 23:59 on Wednesday 7th December 2011 and winner will be announced soon after

  • Only open to people who follow my blog or facebook. For an extra entry you can also tweet "Come join @laurenlovesblog advent calendar and weekly giveaway http://laurenlovesblog.com "



  1. Enter me!
    Today I got a chocolate snowman in my advent calendar! Yum Yum!

  2. Enter me!

    Today I got a gorgeous chunk of Montezuma's chocolate! I think it was a star but I didn't look properly... that's quite bad isn't it??

  3. Enter me please! I ate mine so fast I didn't see what it was! It was either a Snowman or Father Christmas. :)I've also tweeted. @ditzyglamour


  4. Enter me please! I got a Milka father christmas :-)

  5. enter me please,i dont have an advent calendar as i cant find a dairy free one :( boo hoo

  6. Enter me! I got a chocolate snowman and it was delicious. I love the fact that it's acceptable to eat chocolate before noon for the whole month of December!

  7. Please let me enter! I haven't opened mine yet...but a fresh walnut is awaiting me. Mine is one from East India which I bring out every year!

  8. The Montezuma one is! http://www.montezumas.co.uk/seasonal/showitem.asp?&r=5&g=126&i=1341&pg=1

    (Although unfortunately it's out of stock at the moment)


  9. This is so cute! I dont have an advent calendar :( This makes me sad. Must go and get one xx

  10. Enter me please! I didn't get anything because my boyfriend ate it instead! Very disappointing :(

  11. Hey lovely thanks for a great giveaway - I have a Hello Kitty one and today I got a tiny chocolate christmas tree, it was soooo small, and there was no picture behind it or on the door very disappointing

  12. Enter me =]
    Today I got a chocolate love heart =] so cute

  13. Enter me :)

    I think I had a cracker, I ate it so quickly that I didn't really notice haha! The little door told me to send my wishlist to Santa :)

    Thanks for this xx

  14. Enter me!

    I got a chocolate Christmas tree, in my advent calendar this morning.

  15. Love the Lauren dress hun, what a gorgeous color

    Happy Christmas to you xx

  16. Got chocolate! Thanks-like you on Facebook :)

  17. Enter me,I don't have a traditional chocolate advent calandar this year I'm dieting... but I have been reading your advent calandar and today we got the lovely Hampshire Roses. Thanks for holding the lovely giveaway. x

  18. Enter me! I got a little white choc snowman! (I follow you on fb as Ria Kod).

  19. enter me! I am very disorganised and haven't got a calendar this year :-(

  20. Enter Me :)

    I don't have an advent calendar as completely forget to get one...I really need to go search for one in the shops now x

  21. enter me
    I dont have any calendar but I eat chocolate daily, today I ve got small toblerone milk choc.

  22. Enter me! I have some lovely belgian chocolates in mine, yummy!!

    I have liked your facebook page as Sarah Morris and I am following you on twitter @sarah34090

    here's my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/sarah34090/status/143732674496966656

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  23. This is so cute! I didn’t get anything because my boyfriend ate it instead!

  24. That blue dress looks simple but elegant. I like it. I also like to give the bag as a gift to my mom since she love bags so much. Nice post!. XD

  25. Enter me! I like it. Please let me enter! I didn’t get anything because my boyfriend ate it instead!


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