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28 Nov 2011

Review: Cherry Bag Handbag Organiser

Have you ever heard of a handbag organiser? I hadn't but I was contacted to review a Cherry Handbag Organiser from Stephen Oliver I thought I'd give it a try.


The Cherry Handbag Organizer is made from a strong, flexible, water-resistant material that holds its shape and is easy to clean. The outside pouches can hold cell phones, sunglasses, etc and the side pockets can hold business cards and miscellaneous bits and pieces that usually collect at the bottom of a bag.    The large central compartment can be used to hold a purse, keys, cosmetics,  tissues, etc . For a quick touch-up there is a short pocket on the outside for a favourite lipstick)as well as longer ones for pens, or lip gloss) .   There are also ‘secret’ pockets on the inside for those discreet items,  in total there are 12 pouches that provide enough space for all the essentials in your bag.


It has so many pockets! It's amazing. I can fit my huge purse in, an A5 pad, loads of pens and it has a perfect pocket for a lippie!


It is also really great for handbags without pockets or dividers in. Take my Louis Vuitton Speedy for example. Normally it looks like this inside

It's roomy and I can't find what I'm looking for half the time so the organiser is perfect for it!


And it helps a softer handbag hold its shape when full up of strange items.

I have the medium sized one which sells for £17 - I think it's totally worth it and would make an amazing present to anyone who loves handbags.

Im fact I have a little story to share and I'm sure Lisbeth won't mind! (Hey Lisbeth!) On Sunday we were at a training day and Lisbeth was not having a good morning, she'd forgotten her other handbag and not swapped to her current one properly resulting in her not having things that she always carries around. Later in McDonalds (yes I had a cheeky chicken burger), I pulled out my organiser and plonked it on the table and the girls were amazed! I think Lisbeth has one on her Xmas list now!

It's available from here



  1. OMG, I bet most women need one of these, and if I hadn't already bought some, I would have totally have got one for my mum for Christmas, because she's terrible for losing everything from her purse to her phone.

  2. Oooh that's such a good idea. I think I definitely will have to look into getting one of these. I have some handbags that seem like bottomless pits at times.

    This would help a lot!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  3. Love love love it, i'm for ever losing things in my hand bag (when i'm not using the changing bag!!!!)

    Am defiantly going to ask Santa for one for Christmas xx

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