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4 Nov 2011

Lipsy Giveaway Winners!!

Hi everyone


Thank you to those who entered and I am excited to announce the 3 winners of the Lipsy dresses!

1. Emma from EmmaBeans

2. Tabitha from Scaredtoast

3. Vicky Savage (who doesn't have a blog)


Well done girls. I'll be emailing you and tweeting to let you know also.


On a sad note, I've been left with a bad taste from those at money saving expert. Sadly this attracted lots of people who weren't blog readers which really ruins it for genuine readers. I have now deleted all the comments on that giveaway post so people can't be researched or targetted as I know there was a LOT of anger on twitter after I told someone this had happened and it seems to be a big problem in the blogging community. Happily all the winners are genuine readers and people I communicate with frequently through their blogs, twitter or facebook :-)


Thank you everyone and if you didn't win then fingers crossed for your luck in the Advent Calendar Giveaway next month (just a quick warning that that's happening again this year!)






  1. OMG i can't believe that i won :-) I never win anything.

    Thank you so much Lauren, you blog is fantastic and i'm loving your home renovation blog as well.


  2. I hate people who just jump on the bandwagon for a giveaway, so annoying!

    Congrats to the winners xx

  3. I love lipsy!! Well done to the winner

  4. Lezlie's Bezzie M8Wed Oct 10, 03:02:00 pm BST

    amagad lezlieeeee i lav lipsy 2!!!!111"!"!()*!"!


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