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24 Oct 2011

Tutorial: Make your own Glitter Shoes

Yesterday I showed you my glitter shoes which I’m totally in love with and promised I’d do a “how to make glitter shoes” guide so here it is!


You will need

- Shoes which need glitter!

- Sandpaper

- Some glitter. I used one pot of 75g glitter

- Super-glue. I used Bostick All Purpose Extra Strong Adhesive which seemed to last really well

- Paintbrushes

- Old Pot


- Hairspray


How to

1. Start off with some shoes that you want to glitter-fy. I used these scuffed old Primark peep-toes which were unwearable.




2. I then carefully sanded each one all over to “key” it in as it was patent leather.


you can see it looks rougher

3. Choose your glitter colour. I was stuck between pink and blue so put the question to twitter

Next I made a mixture of glue and glitter in a pot and mixed it up so the glitter was really thick but not too thick as it would clump



4. I then quickly covered the shoes in the glue and glitter mixture until they were completely covered. If using superglue then work super-quick! Then put a thin coat of glue over the top  over the paint tray liberally shake glitter over the shoes



5. I put the shoes on a paint tray to dry


6. Finally, when they’re dry (I gave them 24 hours) spray liberally with hairspray all over (but don’t choke yourself!) and wear!

sparkly shoes 1



  1. I did this to my old walking stick last weekend to turn it into a pimp cane for a 70s nite last weekend, it looked amazing! I've got a pair of scuffed ankle boots that are getting done next!
    Kirsten x

  2. These look fab, thanks for sharing X

  3. love this! been planning to try this out but havent found a shoe in my cabinet to "glitter-fy" yet :)

    join my Paisley giveaway! WIN a giant shopper, shoes and chocolates!!!


  4. OMG! These really are gorgeous!
    Never thought of doing this before!!

  5. This is awesome. Looks great for parties.

  6. Amazing tutorial, thank you for this!

  7. I will share these tips to my sister, she would surely love this. She always love to have different designs for her shoes. Thank you for sharing.

  8. These are gorgeous...did you just use regular craft glitter??

  9. great tutorial for the glitter on shoes

  10. That's an awesome idea. My three year old always scuffs the toe of her shoes. I can't wait to try this insted of tossing them

  11. Wow!! Incredible!!! Hats off to your creative mind!!

  12. Glitter looks fab, can only find small bottles! Where is yours from? I'm in Glasgow x

  13. Let the bottle soak for about ten to fifteen minutes, so there is no paper residue and it is easy to remove the labels. The wine bottle will need to sit and dry for about fifteen minutes to ensure it's not slippery when you begin painting. Craft glitter bulk

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