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10 Oct 2011

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks for Men

Montagne Jeunesse have been a company I've known since I was little - I used to love going round Boots with my mum, picking up a cheap face mask and playing with it pretending I was a grown-up. Well now they have branched out into men's grooming! Please welcome Natural male grooming products by Montagne Jeunesse for Men!


We all know that men like to look good, but often won't admit to using products or are even too embarrassed to go and buy products so I was so excited to test these out on 2 of the most manly "I'm not using girly products" men I know - my brother, James and the boyfriend, Simon.


I was sent 5 face masks for review, although there are 8 in the collection for all skin problems. Below are:

Dirt & Grime Clean self-warming mask; Morning After Scrub mask; Eye Rescue; Zap Them Peel-Off  mask; and Blackhead Mask

First up, James chose the Zap Them Peel-Off Mask

 First thoughts - "it feels like cold llama spit". Not sure why that was his first thought... He also said he felt a "bit gross" and wouldn't want to be seen on it (or have it put on my blog to thousands of readers I'm sure...) but it smelt quite nice like a shower gel. He then left it on for 25 minutes until it was dry and ready to peel...

James reported that the peeling was a lot of fun and his skin felt "very clean and smooth" afterwards. Altough he wouldn't admit he would want another one, he seemed to like the effect after.

Simon had spent the weekend away with the Territorial Army so came back tired, weather beaten and hungry! Mum fed him up with roast beef and then I pounced on him promising a relaxing "sauna spa treatment to unwind".  I applied the Dirt and Grime Clean mask which is self-heating.

First impressions - "it's very warm, is it supposed to keep getting hotter, how is it doing this" (some panic as you can see) but he was delighed that he looked "like a human halloween pumpkin" and made some appropriate pumpkin faces. It was quite hard to apply as it was really runny and kept dripping off his face onto his shirt (see shirt) and it didn't dry like regular masks, but smelt nice - like ginger and cinnamon. This was applied for 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards Simon's face was quite pink as he is prone to flushing and he took 5 minutes to cool down and look normal again. I think it was the heat of the mask which got quite warm. I then applied the Eye Rescue Pads which help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles (perfect after his hard weekend)

The patches were really easy to apply and once they'd been on for 15 minutes, Simon's eyes did look less tired and a bit more bright. They stuck in place easily and seemed to work quite well.

Overall - both boys enjoyed their face mask experience (although if you ask they won't admit it) and seemed to quite like the pampered, smooth feeling of their skin the next day. These are just over £1 each so I'd definitely chuck a couple in my basket next time I'm in the supermarket or Boots. Plus I'm sure girls can use them if they interested you!

What do you think of grooming for men?



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