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17 Oct 2011

Review: Hot Chocolate Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse

Last week was apparently chocolate week, so to celebrate Montagne Jeunesse sent out some hot chocolate masks


The mask is self-heating like the men's mask reviewed last week. Again it gets hot very quickly and stays liquidy on your face. Personally I wasn't really a fan - I like a cooling relaxing mask so this was very strange. The smell was quite nice, like a chocolate orange version of Palmers body butter but my mum wasn't a fan so this mask may be for choco-holics only!

looking good in my facemask! (sorry for the scab I'm trying to hide on my neck, I had 2 moles removed last week and they left big scabs!!)

I didn't think it had done anything after I took it off, but actually the next day when I went to put my makeup on I realised my skin which had been bad the day before was much calmer and less red which was good!

Overall - I prefer a cool face mask but I liked the smell of this and it helped my skin get a bit calmer so I'm happy with the results!



  1. I love these face masks! Have tried the other chocolate one before which was really nice, may have to give this one a go as well! xx

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