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7 Oct 2011

Food Loving! and a promo code

If you follow my blog Facebook or Twitter you may notice I signed up to Graze and I'm getting a delivery every Friday which is a nice treat to end the week.


You've probably heard of Graze, the company which sends you boxes of healthy, energy food to keep you going through the day. As the name suggests, you get the box in the post and then you graze on it all day keeping your energy levels up and stopping you reaching for the donuts, biscuits or my personal demon - crisps. The best part is also that you choose what types of foods you like and hate before your box is packed and arrives (so no spicey food for me but lots of olives!). You also get an email the night before saying what's in your box if you don't like surprises.


The boxes are so tasty and beautiful I had to take pictures before I ate them all.


Week 1

Nuts, dark chocolate and raisins; redcurrents and yougurt raisins; honey roasted cashew nuts and olives!

Week 2

Chocolate buttons and brasil nuts; raisins, chocolates and hazelnuts; salted pistachios; garlic and chilli olives.

SO! What do you think? I LOVE it and am going to get more definitely. If you want a graze box yourself, I have a...


Which gets you the first box free and the second half price! Either click this link or go to www.graze.com and type in code 7DZHNRKD



  1. Ooooh how yummy does that sound. I'm guessing they won't be delivering to Korea where I'm living at the moment. But as soon as I'm back on English soil I might have to try this!


  2. Wow that sounds nice and food looks yummy :)

  3. http://www.laurenlovesblog.co.uk/2011/12/loving-christmas-at-bicester-village.html?showComment=1469083085217#c8285978842970116421


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