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31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween: Costumes of my life!

Are you having a good halloween? This shockingly is the first year I've not gone out in fancy dress and I'm totally missing it! Here's some of my favourite fancy dress costumes (and some of the worst) from the last few years


Alice in Wonderland - ok so not scary but at least not sexy! I'm not one of these girls who uses Halloween as an excuse to dress slutty. That year I wore bought dress from online, white tights and shoes from Primark, petticoat I made myself


Cowgirl! this outfit was easy - checked shirt and denim shorts I already owned, hat from Claires accessories, gun from toy shop!


Goth! My friend had a "goth party" one year and we all went as goths. I love my housemate Basil here who we convinced needed eyeliner, and then said you legally can't wear eyeliner without mascara. He went from looking metal band hard (in his head) to completely camp (to the rest of the world)


Swinging 60s! Yeah even I don't look convinced by this outfit. It was all I could afford in the first year of uni as I already had it all in my wardrobe!!


This year all I've done is decorate my new house!

My little pumpkin was only £1 (I bought an orange paper lantern on eBay and coloured it in with a marker pen) and if you're interested you can read all about my house and the creepy dungeon we found in the basement (I'm not even kidding) then head to...

Lauren makes a Home

Finally remember to enter my LIPSY DRESS GIVEAWAY! There are 3 dresses to be won and I need more entries! I've been so upset about this giveaway - So far I've had around 60 but about 35 of them were people who only had twitter accounts and blogs for competitions and they all came from moneysavingexpert so I've deleted them as this is for genuine readers and bloggers only. It's not fair if people who read this don't win because of someone who enters every competition going in the world.


Have a lovely halloween!


27 Oct 2011

Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy in Crème Brûlée

Have you guys heard! Vaseline are releasing a Limited Edition tin in Crème Brûlée flavour?! YUM!

My whole family will vouch for the fact that Crème Brûlée is one of my favourite desserts so I'm going to HAVE to check out this little baby and for only £2.99 I've not got much to lose!


According to Glamour magazine it's availabe from Selfridges from 27th Oct and nationwide from 3rd November.


And remember to enter my competition for another Limited Edition item - a Lipsy dress! Click here


Giveaway! A limited edition Lipsy Dress

It's giveaway time ladies! Lipsy and Impulse have offered me 3 dresses to give away to my lucky readers!


Impulse have recently teamed up with Lipsy to create a very pink and fabulous limited edition dress, celebrating one of Impulses’ latest fragrances, aptly named ‘Very Pink’.


Selling for £65, the dress is off the shoulder  with a delicate drape sleeve and glitzy embellishment at the waist.

The dress is only available until stocks last, although it’s likely the winners will receive their requested size, as the dress is limited edition it cannot be 100% guaranteed but will strive to get the closest size available.


The rules

1. There will be 3 winners who will be chosen by random.org

2. The competition will run for ONE WEEK ONLY. The competition will end at 11.59pm on 3rd November

3. Simply comment below with your google friend connect name and twitter name. Your email address in the comment form below will be kept confidential

4. You must be a follower of this blog

5. For an extra entry tweet "I've entered the @laurenlovesblog's giveaway to win 1 of 3 @LipsyLondon and Impulse dresses! http://www.laurenlovesblog.com/?p=3731" and let me know you've tweeted on the form



26 Oct 2011

Wednesday Wants - Paul's Boutique

I haven't done one of these Wednesday Wants posts in ages!


I first heard about Paul's Boutique when it started appearing in shops such as Topshop but I associated it with Barbie and School girls (not sure why!) However paying proper attention to them, I've realised that they're a collection of bright, very different handbags and purses which are mouthwateringly colourful and I actually want one or more!


Here's a selection of the bags that I want to find in my stocking (yes I'm already getting excited about Christmas - had the East 17 song in my head all day!)

 Paul's Boutique Maisy bag in pink and orange

I love this bag for the colour clashing pink and orange in neon colours! I think this would totally brighten up any rainy day like today and I love the patent leather. It's £61 which is quite a lot but very unique. It also comes in more "normal" colours such as this lovely nude and candy pink

Paul's Boutique Maisy shoulder bag nude

Paul's Boutique Maisy Shoulder Bag in Pink

Loving the individual zip charms for each bag too! I'd totally paint my nails the same pink and wear matching lippie with this one! Such a chav at heart!

Paul's Boutique Quilted Holly bag coraly red

I also like this "Holly" bag for the preppy chic quilting which is starting to creep in for next season and the bright coral red. It's £60 but I've seen this one in real life and it looks really lovely and worth £60.


What do you think of Paul's Boutique? Is the new collection, like it did for me, making you change your mind on the brand and making it lust-worthy?

25 Oct 2011

Review: Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

Maybelline have recently released their new mascara "Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes" (bit of a mouthful) which promises 7x more volumised, flicked out at the corners eyelashes.



The packaging is bright yellow and you wouldn't lose it in your makeup bag. It also has leopard print on the lid which is a nice touch seeing as it's "cat eyes"

The "claw brush" as they call it is designed to help the mascara. It's a good length and width but doesn't manage to part the lashes very well so can result in some clumping



Here's my nake eye

and here's the mascara result

The result is very dark and it coats all the lashes as you can see, but it's a bit of a clumpy result for my liking as I prefer a more seperated look to my lashes. They do look quite curled and flicked at the corners however

and here's me with cat eyes herself wearing my cat eyes!

If you're feeling inspired by this, blogger Masquerade Makeup has created some tutorial videos


24 Oct 2011

Tutorial: Make your own Glitter Shoes

Yesterday I showed you my glitter shoes which I’m totally in love with and promised I’d do a “how to make glitter shoes” guide so here it is!


You will need

- Shoes which need glitter!

- Sandpaper

- Some glitter. I used one pot of 75g glitter

- Super-glue. I used Bostick All Purpose Extra Strong Adhesive which seemed to last really well

- Paintbrushes

- Old Pot


- Hairspray


How to

1. Start off with some shoes that you want to glitter-fy. I used these scuffed old Primark peep-toes which were unwearable.




2. I then carefully sanded each one all over to “key” it in as it was patent leather.


you can see it looks rougher

3. Choose your glitter colour. I was stuck between pink and blue so put the question to twitter

Next I made a mixture of glue and glitter in a pot and mixed it up so the glitter was really thick but not too thick as it would clump



4. I then quickly covered the shoes in the glue and glitter mixture until they were completely covered. If using superglue then work super-quick! Then put a thin coat of glue over the top  over the paint tray liberally shake glitter over the shoes



5. I put the shoes on a paint tray to dry


6. Finally, when they’re dry (I gave them 24 hours) spray liberally with hairspray all over (but don’t choke yourself!) and wear!

sparkly shoes 1


23 Oct 2011

OOTN - Glitter shoes and LBDs

Last night I went out for one of my best friends' 25th Birthday! (Happy Birthday Parysa!) so it was the occasion for LBDs and sparkly shoes

 Dress - Love Mode

Shoes - Made myself (will post a tutorial tomorrow)

This dress is from Lovemode.com who specialise in "juniors clothing" although actually it's just trendy clothes for younger people. (does this mean I'm a junior still? I feel young again!) Anyway the dress I'm wearing is the "Black Open Back Dress" and is just over $21 currently (plus they ship to the UK). I'm a UK size 8-10 and I got a small which was perfect. It's also stretchy and has re-enforced bra cups so no worries about not being able to wear a bra!

The dress was however a little short for me who's completely prudey but I loved the back of the bodice so I teamed it up with a miniskirt and met Parysa who had the same LBD and sparkly shoes idea!

Me and the beautiful birthday girl

and a close up of our favourite accessory, the glitter shoes

Gold platform glitter shoes - New Look; Blue glitter peep-toes - Primark patent heels and glittered by me! (Tutorial to come!)

So what do you think of LBDs and statement shoes?



19 Oct 2011


Feline Eye Makeup Tutorials Inspiration

Just a quick lazy post from me today.


I've been looking into new ways to do my eye makeup because I'm (shock horror) getting bored of the plain feline eyliner flick so thought I'd share with you some fab videos from beauty blogger Masquerade Makeup! Enjoy!

What do you think of feline eyes? Meow!!

18 Oct 2011

Guest Post: Hair Removal Fatigue? Here’s how to avoid it

Today we have a guest post from Charlotte - an expert in the stresses of hair removal to tell us the pros of trying the laser!

Not this type of laser - this is just a cute cat (from weheartit.com)

It seems safe to say that, at some point in their lives, the majority of women have experienced something we might term ‘hair removal fatigue’. It’s a common syndrome: you know you need to shave or wax your legs prior to a big meeting/night out/interview/other miscellaneous occasion, but the thought of doing it leaves you feeling put out at the effort that comes with being a girl.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you never had to have hair removal fatigue again? No more reluctance to reach for the razor, no more indignation at another price rise when you go to get your legs waxed, no more worrying that your date will discover your fuzzy legs because you couldn’t be bothered to shave…

If this sounds familiar, laser hair removal could be something for you to consider. This is a method of hair removal that doesn’t just give temporary results – it’s a permanent solution. There is no need to visit a salon: you can just buy a laser hair removal device for home use and start applying the treatments yourself. Over the course of a few months, you administer laser treatments to the area of your body you want to be hair-free. At the end of the series of treatments, you’ll never need to worry about shaving or waxing again.

How long does it take? Well, when you start laser hair removal at home, you’ll need to complete one treatment every other week for around three months. The aim of this is to target your hair follicles over the course of their growth cycles so that they become deactivated and the hair doesn’t grow anymore. After the initial three month period, for the next few months you’ll need one home laser treatment per month to give you the best results.

After this, you won’t need to worry about removing hair again. Completing the process at home is really convenient and a small commitment of time over a few months is surely more than worth it for the lifetime of freedom from hair removal fatigue you’ll enjoy afterwards. If you’re looking for a permanent, convenient solution, home laser hair removal is definitely one to consider

Thanks for the guest post! Are you interested in laser hair removal? I am but the price really puts me off! - Lauren x

17 Oct 2011

Review: Hot Chocolate Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse

Last week was apparently chocolate week, so to celebrate Montagne Jeunesse sent out some hot chocolate masks


The mask is self-heating like the men's mask reviewed last week. Again it gets hot very quickly and stays liquidy on your face. Personally I wasn't really a fan - I like a cooling relaxing mask so this was very strange. The smell was quite nice, like a chocolate orange version of Palmers body butter but my mum wasn't a fan so this mask may be for choco-holics only!

looking good in my facemask! (sorry for the scab I'm trying to hide on my neck, I had 2 moles removed last week and they left big scabs!!)

I didn't think it had done anything after I took it off, but actually the next day when I went to put my makeup on I realised my skin which had been bad the day before was much calmer and less red which was good!

Overall - I prefer a cool face mask but I liked the smell of this and it helped my skin get a bit calmer so I'm happy with the results!


16 Oct 2011

OOTD: Farm visits with my new bag

Last week, I was treated to a customised Trinket Box Bag from Trinket Box who make gorgeous customised jute bags - perfect for shopping which is what I did at the Middle Farm Apple Festival today (a yearly tradition for my friends who spend the day tasting free cider, eating cheese, chocolates and cakes from the food tent, pet animals in the farm and have hog roast. It's always a fab day!)


Hope they don't mind me featuring them on the blog!

Anyway I took my bag (which you can see in the foreground)

Don't you love it! They make loads of bags from ones wiht initials on for £7, purses for £10 or the customised bags like mine for £15

If you want one too, go to Trinket Box Bags


11 Oct 2011

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Last week I was sent the Boujois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation for review - as a fan of the original Healthy Mix foundation I was quite excited to try this. I am reviewing no 52 - Vanilla



Packaging says: Gel Foundation - 16 hours radiance-boosting. Even, revived complexion. Instant blending gel, flawless complexious, undetectible coverage. Vitamin-rich fruits lychee, goji berries, pomegranate. Hypoallergenic

The packaging is nice - a basic glass jar with a pump applicator which dispenses enough for me in 1 pump and maintains a clean product.


Firstly, this isn't a gel in the sense that it's like a shower gel. It behaves much like any other foundation but is a little more "together" in consistency like a gel I suppose.

The foundation itself is easy to spread and blend as it doesn't dry out instantly like a more traditional cream foundation. I always apply foundation with a brush but this is easy to apply with fingers, a brush or sponge I've found. It smells delicious - really fruity (not good for those who aren't a fan of fruity smells though!) It's also very light on the skin and doesn't appear oily at all.

Importantly, here's the before and after:

Left: no makeup at all; Right: Healthy Mix Foundation only.

Apologies for the rollers - I was making my hair massive - see my tutorial on how to get volumised hair

 As you can see it gives a good coverage for red areas of the skin and really picks skin up so it seems to glow but gives a natural coverage so it doesn't look caked on (I hate obvious foundation). It also has great staying power - it's quite matt and stays matt for 8 hours - it looks fresh at the end of the working day which I was very impressed with. It also suits my pale skin tone which is a plus as most foundations make me look orange!


Packaging: 3.5/5 - nothing wow, just a normal foundation packaging

Product - 5/5 - I really love this foundation! I've been wearing it constantly since I got it and would definitely buy a bottle when this runs out. The lasting-power of this is fantastic and I've had lots of compliments on how well I look which is nice!!


10 Oct 2011

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks for Men

Montagne Jeunesse have been a company I've known since I was little - I used to love going round Boots with my mum, picking up a cheap face mask and playing with it pretending I was a grown-up. Well now they have branched out into men's grooming! Please welcome Natural male grooming products by Montagne Jeunesse for Men!


We all know that men like to look good, but often won't admit to using products or are even too embarrassed to go and buy products so I was so excited to test these out on 2 of the most manly "I'm not using girly products" men I know - my brother, James and the boyfriend, Simon.


I was sent 5 face masks for review, although there are 8 in the collection for all skin problems. Below are:

Dirt & Grime Clean self-warming mask; Morning After Scrub mask; Eye Rescue; Zap Them Peel-Off  mask; and Blackhead Mask

First up, James chose the Zap Them Peel-Off Mask

 First thoughts - "it feels like cold llama spit". Not sure why that was his first thought... He also said he felt a "bit gross" and wouldn't want to be seen on it (or have it put on my blog to thousands of readers I'm sure...) but it smelt quite nice like a shower gel. He then left it on for 25 minutes until it was dry and ready to peel...

James reported that the peeling was a lot of fun and his skin felt "very clean and smooth" afterwards. Altough he wouldn't admit he would want another one, he seemed to like the effect after.

Simon had spent the weekend away with the Territorial Army so came back tired, weather beaten and hungry! Mum fed him up with roast beef and then I pounced on him promising a relaxing "sauna spa treatment to unwind".  I applied the Dirt and Grime Clean mask which is self-heating.

First impressions - "it's very warm, is it supposed to keep getting hotter, how is it doing this" (some panic as you can see) but he was delighed that he looked "like a human halloween pumpkin" and made some appropriate pumpkin faces. It was quite hard to apply as it was really runny and kept dripping off his face onto his shirt (see shirt) and it didn't dry like regular masks, but smelt nice - like ginger and cinnamon. This was applied for 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards Simon's face was quite pink as he is prone to flushing and he took 5 minutes to cool down and look normal again. I think it was the heat of the mask which got quite warm. I then applied the Eye Rescue Pads which help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles (perfect after his hard weekend)

The patches were really easy to apply and once they'd been on for 15 minutes, Simon's eyes did look less tired and a bit more bright. They stuck in place easily and seemed to work quite well.

Overall - both boys enjoyed their face mask experience (although if you ask they won't admit it) and seemed to quite like the pampered, smooth feeling of their skin the next day. These are just over £1 each so I'd definitely chuck a couple in my basket next time I'm in the supermarket or Boots. Plus I'm sure girls can use them if they interested you!

What do you think of grooming for men?


7 Oct 2011

Food Loving! and a promo code

If you follow my blog Facebook or Twitter you may notice I signed up to Graze and I'm getting a delivery every Friday which is a nice treat to end the week.


You've probably heard of Graze, the company which sends you boxes of healthy, energy food to keep you going through the day. As the name suggests, you get the box in the post and then you graze on it all day keeping your energy levels up and stopping you reaching for the donuts, biscuits or my personal demon - crisps. The best part is also that you choose what types of foods you like and hate before your box is packed and arrives (so no spicey food for me but lots of olives!). You also get an email the night before saying what's in your box if you don't like surprises.


The boxes are so tasty and beautiful I had to take pictures before I ate them all.


Week 1

Nuts, dark chocolate and raisins; redcurrents and yougurt raisins; honey roasted cashew nuts and olives!

Week 2

Chocolate buttons and brasil nuts; raisins, chocolates and hazelnuts; salted pistachios; garlic and chilli olives.

SO! What do you think? I LOVE it and am going to get more definitely. If you want a graze box yourself, I have a...


Which gets you the first box free and the second half price! Either click this link or go to www.graze.com and type in code 7DZHNRKD


6 Oct 2011

OOTN: Vintage Lace Wannabe McQueen

I'm sure like many of you, the minute I saw the lace McQueen dress Drew Barrymore wore I fell in love



So when raiding my grandmother's sewing box in her attic, I pulled out this handmade beauty and fell in love again! It's a lace and black fabric dress she made in the 60s - 70s and the black fabric has faded to a lovely bottle green over the years.


Dress- Vintage

Tights - Primark

Shoes - Primark

Watch - Armani


It's become quite delicate - the lining is freying and falling apart other than just fading and I think will need a replacement soon. The lace has a couple of holes and needs a new eye for the hook and eye fastener. However I love it. I love that my nan made it so many years ago and that I caught the sewing bug from her.


If you want one similar, New Look has this John Zack lace dress for £39.99



Love the lace on skin look! What do you think of thick lace for Autumn?
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