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12 Sept 2011

Review and Giveaway! Robot USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

It's no secret that I, Lauren Loves Robots! My best friend Sarah got me these amazing robot earrings for my birthday

Search "Robot Earrings" on Etsy if you want some of your own.

Considering my fondness for robots, I jumped at the chance to review this robot USB memory stick and have 2 to give away.


The USB men are called Metal USB People and come in this lovely gift box so a great present for someone starting college or university; or as a promotional product

He has all moveable joints like a lego man which is quite fun, and is very sturdy solid metal, although that does mean he's heavier than a normal USB stick.

You remove his head to expose the USB port which is like any other standard USB stick. This is the 2GB version but you can get several types and in other colours such as gold, bronze, black metal etc.

Pros -

  • Looks good, quite fun

  • Very solid and sturdy

  • Works!

Cons -

  • Heavier than normal USB sticks

  • Hasn't got a hole for a lanyard or something to connect it to your keys (I wanted to make mine into a necklace!)

  • Hasn't got anywhere to put the cap so you could lose it?

You can get the 4GB version from Play.com from £24.99 - click here or if you're into promotional USB sticks they have loads of varieties (just click the link)



Simply fill in the Google form below (all information is confidential, I don't sell any of it or give it to anyone) and your details will be stored securely so nobody can access your email address or anything.

Giveaway open to people in the UK

Giveaway closes at midnight on Friday 30th September

You must be a follower of Lauren Loves but I'm not going to ask you to follow my Twitter or Facebook for extra entries!



  1. The Robot USB are so cute, I have never seen any like them before.
    i have just entered!! x

  2. I've entered too!! I love the look of this USB it's so unique, and could be great distraction!

    Emma x

  3. The earrings and USB are just adorable! :) Have entered xx

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