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14 Sept 2011

Hair Review - Aussie Take The Heat

As an Aussie Angel, I was lucky enough to be sent some testers from their new Limited Edition packaging Take The Heat range. Sadly I got back from Thailand too late to take part in the competition they ran but it's given me a couple of weeks to try out these products and give them a fair review.


I'm in the lusciously long tribe so this review might be particularly helpful from long-locked lovelies like me.

 The Take the Heat items I was sent - Leave-in cream and 3 Minute Miracle plus some party bits which my brother nicked and took to uni!

Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle

I've been a regular user of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long since way before I was involved in the Angels project so you know I'm going to be a fan of the Take The Heat. This variation promises to reconstruct, smooth and soothe heat damaged hair and protect it from heated stylers so that's a bonus for me who's currently addicted to my hair wavers  

Packaging - I like the new Limited Edition design which looks a bit more modern and stylish than the old one maybe. The dispensal system is the same as usual - squeeze the large tub and a little rubber bung dispenses the conditioner, yet doesn't leak in your cupboards

Product - I use this 3MM overnight once a week. I hang my head over the bath, wet my hair, massage loads of this stuff in and  then comb it all through before wrapping it in a warm towel and sleeping the night in it (you can tell I don't live with the boyfriend yet). The next morning I shampoo and condition as normal to remove it all and I have "angel" soft hair the next couple of days

Rating - as a long-time 3MM lover my review may be biased but I love this as much as the other varieties.  The cheap price of under £5 also makes this a must-have which lasts for months. 5/5

Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Cream

I've not used a leave-in cream before so I was a bit unsure of this product. You pump out some of the gel-like cream into your palm, and then I rub my palms together and scruff it through my damp hair concentrating at the lengths and ends. Again it claims to protect and soothe hair that's being heat styled so I apply it before I blow-dry my hair

Packaging - This tube is quite large and has a pump dispenser which gives out a generous amount of product. Again it's nice neat, clean packaging

Product - The product is quite sticky which made me apprehensive that it would make my hair sticky or greasy. However when I dried my hair it felt fine. It helped me comb the knots out which is always appreciated too. I wouldn't say it made a massive difference to my hair softness but to know my hair was protected did make me cringe less at the sizzle of the hair straighteners.

Rating - It's a nice product, and maybe once I've finished the bottle I may realise I miss it and re-buy. It's nice to protect my hair against the hairdryer too - 4.5/5 (loses half a point because I can't tell the difference to the texture of my hair.



  1. Hello lovely! Thanks for your comment on my recent post! Regurgitating press releases! Totally forgot about that one :) Completely agree though,its very very annoying, and just makes you think, where is the fun in it anymore!

    Nice free stuff though :P haha :)
    I need to try out that deep treatment though, I have the deep conditioner for damaged hair but would love to try this one!

    Hope youre well! And thanks for following :) x

  2. Haha yeah it's free stuff but a fair balanced and non gushing review!! :-P xxx

  3. love the smell and packaging of all Aussie products! great review xx


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