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30 Sep 2011

Review – New Kleenex Skincare Beauty range

So a couple of weeks ago Kleenex announced that they were releasing beauty products and kindly sent me some to sample.


It may seem strange that the biggest known tissue company in the UK are going into the beauty market, but apparently Kleenex were invented originally as a beauty product for removing makeup. I was sent all 4 items in the range – facial cloths, facial cleansing wipes, eye makeup removing wipes and Shine absorbing sheets.


Overall – firstly I like the packaging on the range, it’s clean and plain and has pretty masks on each to symbolise “take your mask off” which I know a lot of us makeup addicts have to do each day. The products are also made from ecoform fibres meaning the product is made from sustainable, green sources and are all natural which is good.


Kleenex Facial Cloths

kleenex facial cloths 2

Firstly, I apologise for the box, it got crushed in the post!


The cloths are very versatile as the box promises

kleenex facial cloths 1

Reads: I am a versitile cloth suitable for many uses including: cleansing face, toning face, removing eye-makeup. removing nail polish. Simply add your own cleansers and toners – or just use with water


Each sheet is massive and has the textured surface to make makeup removal easier.

kleenex face cloths 3

So far I have used them with toner – the cloth isn’t very absorbent so you don’t use too much product which is good. However for toner, I rip the cloth into 4 so a little goes a long way. I don’t know that I’d purchase them as I normally use cotton pads and these make more sense for the way I apply products. They are priced at a good value £1.99 for 30 cloths.



Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes

kleenex wipes

These facewipes also have the nice texture and thickness of the facial cloths making them really easy to use. They leave your face feeling clean and moisturised and smell very fresh and nice. I’m not much of a face wipe user as I don’t like the residue they leave behind but these are ok and would be great for your handbag or for removing makeup after a night out and when you’re feeling lazy. They leave me fresh faced and I haven’t had any reaction to them with my sensitive skin.


I would definitely buy some when I run out as these are really handy to have in the drawer, and at £2.99 for 24 wipes you can’t complain!



Kleenex Eye Makeup Removal Wipes

kleenex eye make up removal wipes 

These are a really nice idea. I’ve not seen eye make up removal things like these before. The packet presents eye make-up removal wipes in the same way as face wipes with a sticky closure. The wipes inside are covered in a lot of product so they are very wet making eye makeup removal much easier. The cloths again are thick and hold together even with vigorous scrubbing (such as when I had dyed my eyelashes so needed to thoroughly remove the dye.


Here’s the proof that they work well:

kleenex eye makeup removal wipes results

Before                                                                          After

As you can see they have completely removed all the makeup around my eyes leaving them fresh, clean and bright. They also feel quite moisturising and are very gentle and don’t sting. Again this is another product I’d buy, especially handy for travelling. They are again £2.99 and contain 24 wipes.



Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets


kleenex shine absorbing sheets


This is the best product of the lot! In this slim, handbag sized box you get 50 shine absorbing sheets which are very thick and work really well. I’m sure you’ve all tried the little ones from shops which resemble tracing paper and do about the same amount of good. Well these are amazing! The thick purple sheets which are patterned on the side that the public will see in the toilets, stick to the grease and remove it quickly and effectively to leave a shine-free face without the cakey-ness of applying more powder. Cleverly, they also have a sticky tab at the top which means when you close it and re-open the packet, it pulls a sheet out for you!


I’m so impressed by this product – I’d definitely buy more of these when they run out as they have been a lunchtime stroke of brilliance! They are just £2.99



Overall – the must have of the range is definitely the shine absorbing sheets, and the leave them if you like are the facial cloths. I like the face wipes but mainly because they are thicker than normal face wipes which makes them feel luxury and don’t rip. The eye wipes are a great idea and I’ve liked using those so I’d also recommend them.


Items are priced between £1.99 to £2.99 and are available from Superdrug now, and other stores from January.


28 Sep 2011

OOTN – Vintage Reworked and Clothing Confessional

Recently an email popped into my inbox which inspired me!


“Weight Watchers are raising money for Tommy’s charity with a ‘Clothing Amnesty Initiative’, whereby supporters can donate their unwanted clothes via the clothesforcash scheme – and raise over £10 per donated bag! We’re also asking the public to get behind the amnesty by telling us their Clothes Confession - that item that you’ve bought but have only worn once - via our new Facebook app. And in return for this Clothes Confession, Weight Watchers will donate 10p directly to the charity”


This made me think, what's my clothing confession?


Years ago, my Nan who is also a sewing enthusiast, created this dress (it must be a good 30 years old now) and I took it off her dreaming of the gorgeous retro looks I could pull off. Sadly I’ve never worn it due to the too-large bust (I wasn’t blessed with her cleavage!) and the fit


before collage

Therefore as part of the clothing confessional I dragged it out the wardrobe, got my brother to photograph me in it and I’ve uploaded it to the Tommy’s facebook page


After bouncing around in this dress feeling guilty for half an hour, I started to be inspired to mash it up with other clothes, and settled on this skirt from Primark

mash up collage

Ok you can still see that the bust is too big for me, but I really love the colour combination (although the boyfriend and brother don’t agree!) So I wore it out to TGIs last week!


What do you think of my vintage reworking. Check out the Tommy’s app or if you have anything you don’t wear then donate it now!

27 Sep 2011

My nail varnish collection IV – Reds

Welcome to part 4 on my series of my nail varnishes collection. I’ve already shown you my nudes, pinks, oranges and now it’s the turn of the classic reds


red nail varnishes 1

L-R: Marks & Spencer Cherry Red; Rimmel Hot Gossip; Barry M Red Glitter; China Glaze High Maintenance; Bourjois no 8; Miss New red; Nails Inc Victoria and Barry M Red Black


Bright reds

red nail varnishes 2

Index Finger: Marks & Spencer Cherry Red – a nice nailvarnish which applies thickly and easily, dries quite quickly and lasts a few days. It’s currently my mum’s favourite and I love the glossy cherry colour

Middle Finger: Rimmel Hot Gossip – your classic bright red. This again applies well and gives great colour pay off, and dries glossy and lasts a couple of days.

Ring Finger: Barry M Red Glitter – my favourite glitter of all time, this applies really well and is really thick after 2 coats. It’s a glitter which means it chips off easily so remember a good base and top coat, and it’s also a pig to get off but I love it

Pinky: China Glaze High Maintenance – this nail varnish doesn’t come out as dark as the bottle makes out, but applies nicely although a little sheer and needs 3 coats for full opacity.



Dark Reds

red nail varnishes 3

Index Finger: Bourjois no 8 – I love this nail varnish. It applies thickly, dries quickly and lasts ages. It’s such a great colour, I recommend this whole range

Middle Finger: Miss New red – this is another purchase from Thailand’s Tesco Lotus. It’s an ok colour, a bit thin and contains huge chunks of glitter which make me think of kiddy nail varnish

Ring Finger: Nails Inc Victoria – I’m not a massive fan of Nails Inc. This colour is really gorgeous but takes forever to dry meaning it’s normally smudged instantly, and I find it chips quickly.

Pinky: Barry M Red Black – I love this colour! It’s so deep and glossy, applies and dries well and lasts almost a full week. My favourite for the winter months


Hope you enjoyed my reds range. Next up – blues and purples


21 Sep 2011

My Nail Varnish Collection III - Corals, Oranges and Yellows

Just a short post in my series of nail varnish posts (click here to see my nudes, and click here to see my pinks).


L-R: Marks and Spencer Flame, Revlon One Perfect Coral, Ciate The Glossip; Miss New Coral, 17 Peach Schnapps, Ciate Big Yellow Taxi

 Index finger - Marks and Spencer Flame: This is a really great colour, applies well and lasts a decent length of time. Plus it's a good price as part of their new basics range which offers loads of bright colours.

 Middle finger - Revlon One Perfect Coral: I'm not such a fan of this nail varnish. It needs quite a few layers to look good and chips easily because of the layers. It also takes a long time to dry but the colour is gorgeous

 Ring finger - Ciate The Glossip: I reviewed this nail varnish here  

Pinkie - Miss New Coral: I LOVE this colour. It's available from Tesco in Thailand so if you're going travelling to the east then definitely look this range out. It's a more pink coral than the others.

Index finger - 17 Peach Schnapps: This colour is a gorgeous sheer with glitter in. I'm not sure it really suits me but it's a nice colour

Middle finger - Ciate Big Yellow Taxi: I again reviewed this here but just to say it's a great yellow!

Next edition - my reds


15 Sep 2011

Review: Betty Hula Shea Butter Moisurising Cream

I was sent this Betty Hula Shea Butter Moisturising Cream to review last month and have been testing it over the last couple of weeks.

I have the Champagne and Spice flavoured one, but it comes in other variations also.

Packaging - I like the packaging, it's a very luxe feeling glass jar  with a vintage charm to it. It would look very pretty on your dressing table. However the jar is very small compared to other companies at only 120ml

Product - The product is like other body butters, very thick and moisturising, although I don't think it's as tough to rub in as traditional thick body butters so that's good when I'm in a rush in the morning. It smells very nice and autumnal, very warming scent which would be perfect for the colder months, although the scent is quite strong so not good for those who don't like smelling the cream on their skin all day!

It's nice and moisturising, and like other thick body butters you can feel it on the skin when it's been applied. It's good for dry shins after shaving and showering. I also used it as the barrier cream when fake tanning and it worked very well. The ingredients listed include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are all very good for your skin.



  • Lovely scent

  • Nice texture which spreads and soaks in well

  • Lovely packaging


  • Small tub

  • Quite expensive at £14.99

Overall rating - 3/5

It's not a terrible product and performs better than other body butters I've tried. The scent is lovely and it works well. However I prefer a more liquid moisturiser that sinks in quickly and spreads further with more contents in the bottle. Also the price puts me off quite a bit. I don't know that I'd purchase it but I'm enjoying the product I have left and the scent.

You can get it for £14.99 from Betty Hula online or from Sainsburys


14 Sep 2011

Hair Review - Aussie Take The Heat

As an Aussie Angel, I was lucky enough to be sent some testers from their new Limited Edition packaging Take The Heat range. Sadly I got back from Thailand too late to take part in the competition they ran but it's given me a couple of weeks to try out these products and give them a fair review.


I'm in the lusciously long tribe so this review might be particularly helpful from long-locked lovelies like me.

 The Take the Heat items I was sent - Leave-in cream and 3 Minute Miracle plus some party bits which my brother nicked and took to uni!

Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle

I've been a regular user of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long since way before I was involved in the Angels project so you know I'm going to be a fan of the Take The Heat. This variation promises to reconstruct, smooth and soothe heat damaged hair and protect it from heated stylers so that's a bonus for me who's currently addicted to my hair wavers  

Packaging - I like the new Limited Edition design which looks a bit more modern and stylish than the old one maybe. The dispensal system is the same as usual - squeeze the large tub and a little rubber bung dispenses the conditioner, yet doesn't leak in your cupboards

Product - I use this 3MM overnight once a week. I hang my head over the bath, wet my hair, massage loads of this stuff in and  then comb it all through before wrapping it in a warm towel and sleeping the night in it (you can tell I don't live with the boyfriend yet). The next morning I shampoo and condition as normal to remove it all and I have "angel" soft hair the next couple of days

Rating - as a long-time 3MM lover my review may be biased but I love this as much as the other varieties.  The cheap price of under £5 also makes this a must-have which lasts for months. 5/5

Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Cream

I've not used a leave-in cream before so I was a bit unsure of this product. You pump out some of the gel-like cream into your palm, and then I rub my palms together and scruff it through my damp hair concentrating at the lengths and ends. Again it claims to protect and soothe hair that's being heat styled so I apply it before I blow-dry my hair

Packaging - This tube is quite large and has a pump dispenser which gives out a generous amount of product. Again it's nice neat, clean packaging

Product - The product is quite sticky which made me apprehensive that it would make my hair sticky or greasy. However when I dried my hair it felt fine. It helped me comb the knots out which is always appreciated too. I wouldn't say it made a massive difference to my hair softness but to know my hair was protected did make me cringe less at the sizzle of the hair straighteners.

Rating - It's a nice product, and maybe once I've finished the bottle I may realise I miss it and re-buy. It's nice to protect my hair against the hairdryer too - 4.5/5 (loses half a point because I can't tell the difference to the texture of my hair.


12 Sep 2011

Review and Giveaway! Robot USB Flash Drive Memory Stick

It's no secret that I, Lauren Loves Robots! My best friend Sarah got me these amazing robot earrings for my birthday

Search "Robot Earrings" on Etsy if you want some of your own.

Considering my fondness for robots, I jumped at the chance to review this robot USB memory stick and have 2 to give away.


The USB men are called Metal USB People and come in this lovely gift box so a great present for someone starting college or university; or as a promotional product

He has all moveable joints like a lego man which is quite fun, and is very sturdy solid metal, although that does mean he's heavier than a normal USB stick.

You remove his head to expose the USB port which is like any other standard USB stick. This is the 2GB version but you can get several types and in other colours such as gold, bronze, black metal etc.

Pros -

  • Looks good, quite fun

  • Very solid and sturdy

  • Works!

Cons -

  • Heavier than normal USB sticks

  • Hasn't got a hole for a lanyard or something to connect it to your keys (I wanted to make mine into a necklace!)

  • Hasn't got anywhere to put the cap so you could lose it?

You can get the 4GB version from Play.com from £24.99 - click here or if you're into promotional USB sticks they have loads of varieties (just click the link)



Simply fill in the Google form below (all information is confidential, I don't sell any of it or give it to anyone) and your details will be stored securely so nobody can access your email address or anything.

Giveaway open to people in the UK

Giveaway closes at midnight on Friday 30th September

You must be a follower of Lauren Loves but I'm not going to ask you to follow my Twitter or Facebook for extra entries!


11 Sep 2011

OOTN: Vintage 60s Wedding Dress

Last night I went to my boyfriend's friend's wedding and wore modified vintage!! This dress was my grandmother's, but she gave it to me a while ago. I'd not worn it before because it's too big for me. It normally has straps, a bow at the waist, a matching wrap and it's too large so I cut off the waist bow, tied the wrap around my waist really tight to hold it up and tucked the straps in! Here's the results


What I'm wearing:

Dress - Frank Usher

Necklace - Chapelle

Shoes - Primark


And here's the befores:

Bit Big!


What do you think of my vintage wedding look?

9 Sep 2011

My Nail Varnish Collection II - Pinks

Continuing with the "my nail varnish collection" posts (See the whites and nudes post here), here's my collection of pinks.


I'm a bit of a pink fiend!

Here's the collection broken down:

Again all nail varnishes have been swatched in 2 layers for fairness

Light - Mid Pinks

 From L-R: No7 Stay Perfect in French Pink; Barry M in Strawberry Icecream; Missguided in Missbehave; Barry M in Bright Pink and Barry M in Pink Flamingo

Thumb: No7 French Pink - This is a very sheer, pale pink and is alright. Again another middle of the road nailvarnish

Index Finger: Barry M Strawberry Icecream - I love Barry M nail varnishes and this one is no exception. I wore this constantly last summer and it still applies well and very thickly in 2 coats.

Middle Finger: Missguided in Missbehaved - This nail varnish has actually really impressed me. It applies thickly and I love the colour. The nail varnish lasts as long as a Barry M and is very good quality

Ring Finger: Barry M in Bright Pink - Again another good nail varnish from Barry M. I love the colour and texture, which dries quickly and doesn't chip easily.

Pinky: Barry M in Pink Flamingo - As before, all compliments to Barry M for creating a great formula. I don't particularly like this colour on my nails though. I don't think it suits me.

Mid Pinks

L-R: 17 in Pink Grapefruit; Ruby & Milly in Pink 440C; Primark in Pinky N Flirty; Jessica in Raspberry; Miss Sporty in Pink

Thumb: 17 Pink Grapefruit - I LOVE this colour but have found that it goes off very quickly which isn't great. I keep re-buying though

Index Finger: Ruby & Milly Pink 440C - this one isn't made anymore apparently but I've seen it still in my local Boots so snap it up if you can. It applies really well, gives great coverage and it's a nice colour. Nuff said

Middle Finger: Primark Pinky n Flirty - This nailvarnish is fun! It applies well, gives a fab colour and glows in UV light. Great for the bargain prices.

Ring Finger: Jessica Raspberry - a lovely colour, and a great brand but has all the same problems that Jessica polishes always have with marking and topcoats (see more details here)

Pinky: Miss Sporty in Pink - I'm not sure they make this colour anymore, but I've been really impressed by Miss Sporty. I've had this colour for literally years and it still performs amazingly and gives thick, long-lasting coverage.

Mid to Darks and Glitter Pinks

L-R: Boots 17 in Miami; Models Own in Magenta Divine; Bourjois in Fuchsia Hype

Index Finger: Boots 17 Miami - a great bright pink, girly and fits the bright pink bill perfectly. It's long lasting and applies very well. Another that I've re-purchased several times.

Middle Finger: Models Own Magenta Divine - this was my birthday party polish this year and I love it. It's a nightmare to remove, but when it's on (with 3 coats and maybe a pink base coat) it looks AMAZING!

Ring Finger: Bourjois Fuchsia Hype - another great performer. This dark raspberry pink applies very evenly and thickly and lasts a long time. I love this one and don't get it out the drawer enough.

The Neon Pink Nail Varnishes (my favourite category!)

Neon Pink Nail VarnishesFrom L-R: Models Own Bubblegum; China Glaze Pink Voltage; China Glaze Pool Party; Models Own Pink Punch

I love neons! I always get a lot of comments/compliments for them

Index Finger: Models Own Bubblegum - this one is the newest addition to my collection and is a great bright pink which gained compliments from the stunning Emirates girls when I was on holiday. It applies very well, and is matte like most neons.

Middle Finger: China Glaze Pink Voltage - this is a gorgeous colour but it takes about 4 layers for a thick colour. It's a lovely pale pink neon which a lot of friends have bought after trying mine. It is a bit streaky until it's opaque but because it's a matte it dries really quickly.

Ring Finger: China Glaze Pool Party - this was my first and favourite neon. It's a great, glowing bright pink that gains a lot of attention and burns your eyes. I used to think 17 Pink Grapefruit was bright until I had this! It's a LE product but you can still buy them (I have a stockpile!)

Pinky: Models Own Pink Punch - this one is more a coral than pink but it's a good performer. I love the orangey-pink colour. Again applies well and is thick in about 2 layers.

What do you think of my pink collection? Next time: my yellow, orange and coral collection


6 Sep 2011

My Nail Varnish Collection - Whites and Nudes

I thought that considering I own SO many nail varnishes/nail polishes, that I'd showcase them all in swatches for you guys, with a post dedicated to each colour. So today's edition is my whites and nudes collection


From L-R: 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt; China Glaze in Oxygen; Jessica in Blush; Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Ivoire Rose and Misa in High Waist Hue

and on the nails - I've only used 2 coats of each so you can see how they all turn out

Thumb: 17 Mini Skirt - I found this nail varnish hard to use without it looking streaky and uneven. I think this would take 3-4 coats to become totally opaque

Index Finger: China Glaze Oxygen - This nail varnish applies more evenly and gives a more sheer finish as you can see from the swatch. This has performed very well but has gone gloopy quickly

Middle Finger: Jessica Blush - This nail varnish applies very delicately and evenly. I like the finish it gives which is very natural. The only thing I can think to critique it is that a manicurist once told me you have to use a Jessica top coat to seal it because without a top coat it marks easily

Ring finger: Maybelline Ivoire Rose - this nail varnish is fairly sheer and applies well. Very middle of the road

Pinky: Misa High Waist Hue - I LOVE this nude. It's got flecks of blue and a hint of pink to it which makes it look more mannequin manicure than smokers nails. It is very opaque and 2 coats is normally enough to cover the nail line.

Next time - my extensive pinks collection!

What do you think of this post as a series? Are you interested in snooping around my nail varnish collection?


5 Sep 2011

Review: Kenzo Flower TAG

I find fragrance reviews really difficult because I can't explain scents, however I can tell you how much I loved this perfume and encourage you to try it for yourself!


The perfume is Kenzo Flower TAG - the new more youthful and sparkling fragrance from the creators of the original Flower fragrance. When I was 16, throughout college I worked at Boots and I got to work on the fragrance departments which meant that every morning I'd get to try a different perfume. Flower was a particular favourite, with hints of parma violet and feminine flowers, so I was excited to be sent a bottle of the new Flower TAG to try out.

As you can see the bottle is a bright red with the graffiti inspired tags all over. But the fragrance is what we're interested in here.

It's a delicious fruity, feminine cocktail of juicy black currant, fresh mandarin and rhubarb top notes; the heart notes are peony, jasmine and lily of the valley; and finally the warm base is of tea, musk and vanilla. This all adds up to a deep, floral fragrance which is quite mouth-watering, but yet it's fresh, retains that citrus sharp edge and isn't cloying or sickly like many floral fragrances can be.


Overall - I really like it! This is my new autumn fragrance and I've had a lot of compliments already.


Will you like it too?

Here's my current range of perfumes. If you like any of these then I'm sure you'll like Kenzo Flower TAG

L-R: Marc Jacobs Daisy; Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Lancome Miracle, Liz Earle


I also think you'll like it if you like any of the following:

Happy by Clinique; Miss Dior Cherie; Chanel Chance; Any Ghost fragrances; Lacoste Touch of Pink; Any DKNY fragrance; Ralph Lauren Romance; Angel by Thierry Mugler; Paris by Yves St Laurent


Kenzo Flower TAG is available from all fragrance shops and from £31 from Boots


Have you tried Kenzo Flower TAG? x

4 Sep 2011

Your Wish Granted

I'm so lucky! When I got back from holiday last weekend, I discovered that I was visited by the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online!

I commented on Lady of the Lane's post where she was visited from the Fairy Hobmother. I said "Completely adult and boringly - I'd wish for an oven! I'm buying my first ever house with the boyfriend and we need a new kitchen and an oven to go in it so we can eat!"

Well the Fairy Hobmother's funds aren't infinite but she saw my posts on my house blog www.laurenmakesahome.blogspot.com (if you want to see photos of my house and hear about the story so far) and thought this hamper gift would be perfect for my first home...

Eek! Aren't I lucky! This kit is the perfect housewarming present!

Now it's my chance to pass the love on... if you leave a comment below with your wish and someone may get lucky and their wish may come true. Just let us know what your dream wish would be and the Fairy Hobmother will be flitting by soon to grant some wishes!


3 Sep 2011

Review: Real Bodycare

I'm so late with this review! I was sent these cute tester pots of Real Bodycare's Real Skin Cream moisturiser to review last month and haven't had a chance to review them so here it is.

I was sent the Real Bodycare set of Three Samples which is £9 from Real Bodycare

Apricot and Shea; Hemp and Shea; Rosehip and Shea

Real Skin Cream is rich and organic, made with 100% pure organic oils and only 4 ingredients (no preservatives!) It promises to give your skin "everything it needs to stay happy and healthy" which means antioxidants, moisturisation, oils which heal skin and no toxins. Sounds good right?

All creams have a mousse-like texture and they are very creamy and easy to apply and rub in. They also all smell lovely which can be unusual for organic products. I took these all on holiday to Thailand and they lasted the heat and humidity (except one which I kept in my pocket on the plane and it melted!)

You can see the mousse-y texture

Apricot and Shea

This is my favourite of the three, mainly because it smells delicious! I used this on my face and lips throughout the holiday and on the plane as it was really tasty and hydrating. I found it really moisturising and easily absorbed, and it didn't block my pores or feel greasy on my skin (although it did leave me looking a little shiney) Real Bodycare state that Apricot oil is a light, softening treatment for dry skin, and also helps to balance oily skin, leaving a smooth and silky complexion. I found it was really great for dry environments such as on the plane or the hotel rooms with air-con.

Hemp and Shea

This one is the real "miracle" cream of the bunch which has shown great results in Real Bodycare's recent Eczema trial. The ingredients of Organic Hemp Oil and Shea Butter are great for dy and irritated skin, and also hemp oil is an anti-inflammatory which means it's great for loads of skin conditions and protects damaged skin. I therefore used this cream on sunburn at night to moisturise the skin and help reduce irritation and although it wasn't a fair scientific test, the sunburn was gone after 24 hours and this moisurising cream prevented peeling (I think, I didn't have a control burn to test my theory on!)

Rosehip and Shea

The Rosehip and Shea cream is marketed towards more mature skin and scar tissue. This is because Rosehip Oil is known for its properties of healing damaged skin and encouraging cell regeneration. According to Real Bodycare, in a Chilean study in 1983 it was shown to reduce wrinkles, fade age spots and leave skin smooth and fresh after four months of regular use. It was also shown to heal scars and restore skin's elasticity after surgery. While on holiday I dabbed this on healed mosquito bites! I am a nocturnal scratcher (no matter how much antihistamine cream I put on, I would wake up having scratched my mozzie bites and have scabs, meaning I had some pink patches of skin which were a little marked) I blobbed this on twice a day when the scab had come off in an effort to reduce the scarring. Again I don't know if it helped compared to normal as I haven't got a comparison but the bites on my arms are completely healed and the ones on my legs have almost faded.

Overall - 5/5

As someone who once persued the organic skincare route, I can tell you that these creams are really lovely! They smell delicious, have a great texture and apply well which is more than other organic creams. They are very gentle and didn't trigger any reaction in my sensitive skin so hopefully they won't with others too. I like the packaging which is rustic and the cost of the large size (100ml, 10x bigger than the samples) is reasonable compared to organic creams at £25.

If you're interested in Real Bodycare Real Skin Creams, they're available from www.realbodycare.co.uk


2 Sep 2011

Wanted: Masculine Watches

Big watches are big news - I love a chunky watch and currently am coverting what turns out to be a man's watch! Here's some examples of why I love a feminine outfit and a chunky masculie watch

Jennifer Aniston in a masculine Rolex (source)

Loving paper-bag waist chino's, a blazer and gold masculine watch (source)


Olivia Palmero in a gorgeous masculine leather strap watch (loving the leopard pumps too) (source)


All watch images taken from Time Squared


Emporio Armani Rectangular Stainless Steel Men's Classic Dress watch - £199


ToyWatch Monochrome Pink Chronograph Watch MO10PS - £170

Old England Be Brave Black and White Unisex Watch OE126SQ - £90

Casio Silver Digital Watch A168WA-1QY - £30

Casio Silver Digital and Analogue Watch AQ-230A-7DMQYES - £33

Guess Spectrum Round Gold Plated Dial Gold Plated Case  - £155

What do you think of chunky masculine watches?

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