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8 Aug 2011

Thailand Holiday Countdown and Beauty Prep...


You may remember my Holiday series of posts last month in the run up to everyone's summer holidays but if not, here's a quick reminder of what we talked about last time:







This week - I go away on Sunday (we have guest bloggers popping in every day while I'm away) and so I have a week to beautify. Here's the plan


Sunday night - Skincare Night


No amount of pouting will make a facemask look good

  •  T-Zone Nose Pore Strips - I was discussing these with The Chap on Twitter yesterday. I love a good nose strip and these are some of the best for drawing out those horrible blackheads


Monday - Deep Condition Day

  • My hair is going to take some abuse on holiday from the sun, sea and sand so I'm prepping it by slapping on the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, combing it in and leaving it on overnight. Wash out the next morning to reveal angel-soft hair. Love it! Repeat before going away and when you come back!


Tuesday - Packing and Pedicure and Pouff!

  • Packing - I need to start getting ready to pack, washing and ironing the clothes I want to take and making up packing lists. I love www.packinglistonline.com where you tell it where you're going, how long for and what activities you're doing and it generates an amazing packing list that you can print out and tick off. Brilliant for the organised and list-lovers

  • Pedicure - When you're in the bath tonight, scrub those feet with a foot file to get rid of the hard skin, cut those toe-talons and paint them a gorgeous colour. I'm loving Models Own Bubblegum and Ciate The Glossip . Finally smother those feet in moisturiser and get into bed.

  • Pouff - Make sure your body is exfoliated and moisturised well... tomorrow is waxing day! eek!


Wednesday Waxing

  • So on Wednesday I'm going to k:SPA in Whiteley to be waxed within an inch of my life, then I'm going home to wax my own legs (I couldn't afford the full holiday package so just bikini and underarms for me!) I've bought the new Veet Gel Wax Kit so wish me luck!

Thursday - I'm babysitting... Sorry!


Friday - Fake Tanning!

Just check out my Fake Tan Masterclass post for details on how to!



Saturday - Packing and Panicking!


Sunday - Flying away!


So anyway that's my plans for the next week. What does your preparation time look like? x


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