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31 Aug 2011

My Thailand Diary

So 2 weeks ago I set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Having never been out of Europe, it was a big leap for me to spend 2 weeks travelling around Thailand with my boyfriend Simon.


We arrived in Bangkok on Monday 15th of August and met up with my cousin Tom, and his gorgeous girlfriend Tan at the airport. They whisked us away to the buzzing Khaosan Road where we stayed for 2 nights. We spent the first day exploring the temples, doing a river cruise and discovering, and the second day shopping!

CLICK TO ENLARGE Bangkok from L-R: Simon and I with a large standing Buddha which we made a prayer to - apparently your first request to Buddha always comes true to fingers crossed; Simon and I in a tuktuk; hundreds of Buddhas at the Royal Temple; the massive reclining Buddha; we went in a river cruise and went past these amazing wooden homes which managed to stay on the water; me with a guard at the Royal Temple; Simon, Tom, Me and Tan; the boat we river cruised with - it was like something from James Bond!; Simon and I at the Buddha's feet; Simon and I at the Royal Palace

After our days in Bangkok, we got a coach to Koh Chang (Elephant Island) where elephants grazed free like cattle!

CLICK TO ENLARGE Koh Chang from L-R: Here's the "Hollywood" style Koh Chang sign; me on the ferry (I'm wearing a strapless top, not naked!); The island from the main land; The gorgeous White Sands Beach where we stayed in a hut on the sand! Tan and I on our scooter; Simon and I stroking a very happy elephant; Tan, me and Simon on the gorgeous beach where we tanned and swam and drank cocktails; the fire show which was on every night as we had cocktails on the beach; me with a baby elephant that I fed milk; Simon and I on an elephant.

After 3 relaxing days on Koh Chang, we got a very hot minibus to Jomtien Beach near the more sleazy Pattaya

CLICK TO ENLARGE Pattaya from L-R: Tom and Simon having a Beer Chang in the sea; Simon and I tickling baby tigers; the beach were we soaked up the sun; Me having a manicure and pedicure from the beach sellers; me sunbathing and enjoying my kindle (I was reading "One Day"); the tigers at the zoo, an elephant at the show doing a hula with his trunk, doesn't he look happy!; the lovely beach; me sunbathing

Finally after a short stay on the beach, We all headed up to Phetchabun in the north. Phetchabun doesn't see many tourists so we'd have people stop and stare at us, drive alongside and wave and just want to talk to us which was really strange! I also got bitten a whopping 23 times by mosquitoes and Simon got bitten once. I hated him

CLICK TO ENLARGE Phetchabun from L-R: a traditional house we went to visit; me with Tom and Tan's beautiful baby; Simon learning to ride a moped; all of us on a visit to the lake on a traditional farm vehicle; me with a strawberry daquiri; my lovely Thai family and me!; the lake we went to visit; the sign for real Tom-Yum soup (which was REALLY spicey for me) and finally Simon and baby (she fell in love with him instantly)

I had a wonderful holiday and hope you aren't too bored by my holiday photos. Thank you to all my amazing guest bloggers who did me proud and hi to my new followers!



  1. So many of my friends are getting back from Thailand now, loving seeing so many different experiences.

  2. I hope you had a lovely time, it's somewhere I'd love to go (:

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I have been living in Phetchabun for 12 years now. I never thought I'd say this but besides being an expat, I really like it here rather than being in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or any other big city. I'm surprised you didn't go to khao Kho while you were in Phetchabun. It's a huge National Park. I usually drive up there n the weekends to buy local coffee, avocados and swim at 1 of many waterfalls. It's really beautiful. Next time you come to Phetchabun, go to Khao Kho and camp. You will not regret it. The view is outstanding. Cheers !

  4. I miss my Thailand trip and those days with my little children a lot.And I too miss the best recliner at our room


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