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24 Aug 2011

Guest Post: New City, New Skincare

 I jumped at the chance to write a guest post for Lauren’s blog since we share a background and training in psychology in common – I worked as a Counselling Psychologist in the UK and am currently seeking a license to practice in the US, alongside writing my blog www.styleonthecouch.com


When I moved from London to Manhattan in December 2010, my skincare routine needed a thorough overhaul. I was completely unprepared for the effect of an unfamiliar and new climate on my skin and suffered a lot of dryness and breakouts in the first few months of living in NYC.  The new environment, likely accompanied with changes in altitude and pressure during my travel abroad resulted in the need for a completely new skincare routine.


I am very happy with the products I use on my skin right now.  I have tried and tested a few American brands and have come to embrace Kiehls, a brand originating from New York whose philosophy is to develop unique and high quality skincare formulations using the finest, naturally-derived ingredients.  Speaking as someone who does not like to apply a lot of chemicals to her skin, this ethos is met with a big smile from me!


I would like to introduce you to my two favourite Kiehls products; one that keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and one for the renewal of skin overnight.  Until recently I was not convinced about using a night cream or serum – I thought this was simply “clogging” my pores up rather than letting than letting my skin ‘breathe’ - although now this concept is a bit of an old wives tale to me!  I love Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  Used sparingly, this product, containing evening primrose oil, rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and essential oils such as Lavender, provides a boost to the moisture content of your skin.  When a few drops are applied overnight (something that makes the product good value
for money as you use little of the product each time) I find I wake up with soft and well hydrated skin rather than feeling parched and dry in places.  I also think this product is quite good for stressed skin, and as Lauren and other psychologists-in-training will know, stress is often part and parcel of our work…


I am also a big fan of Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, a best seller of theirs since its introduction in the 70s – part of their “ultra” range offering gentle and hydrating formulas suitable for all skin types.  This fragrance free, light moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and I love that it is easily absorbed on application.  This product appeals to me as a simple and basic skincare solution – I have dry skin, and this works fabulously for me.


Kiehls often hand out generous samples in their stores (in the UK try asking as department stores with Kiehls counters, or Space.NK) and so I would encourage you to try these products!




  1. I really enjoyed this post. It is surprising how much your skin can react to a new place. I saw this brand in the airport recently for the first time and was tempted by their rare earth minerals collection but I’m liking the sound of that serum.

  2. Your skin react in different places, We should use skin product according the place and their temperature


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