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19 Aug 2011

Guest Post: 5 Favourite Travel Sets

Here's the first of today's 2 post by Skin Deep Beauty Blogger

If, like Lauren, you’re planning a getaway this year, you may be wondering what to pack. These ready-to-go travel sets save on space, comply with airport regulations and won’t weigh you down, meaning more room for souvenirs. Staying home? Travel sets represent the perfect opportunity to try products before forking out on a full size.

1)     I really, really like the Lisa Hoffman Travel Packettes which the actor’s wife developed after recognising a need for pre-measured essentials during her extensive travels. Available for face(with day and night products within one packette) or body, the packettes are such a clever idea. The slimline kits are convenient for weekend travel (even though they are intended as 24hr use sets, you can probably get a weekend’s use out of them), or simply pack more if your trip is longer. What’s more, it’s not just a gimmick- the products themselves are a joy to use!



2)  I’ve only taken a picture of the Dermalogica  Ultra Sensitive Kit box, not the contents as I’m currently loving the items  within the set so much that they’ve become spread out around my bathroom,  bedroom and desk- testament to their usage! I have sensitive skin and packing  is always a challenge- do I try a travel set and risk a flare-up for my holiday  snaps, or pack my standard products but have the added faff of decanting them?
I’ve fallen in love with the products within this set and having tried, will  definitely be tempted to invest in full sizes once the generous miniatures are  finished.  The Ultra Calming Cleanser is  one of my favourites- I love that you can either rinse off the gel based  formula, as I tend to do in my morning shower or wipe it off per my night-time  regime.



3) If you prefer to keep your skincare regime  natural, check out the Trilogy Travellers Set. Based around rosehip oil, the  New Zealand skincare is gentle and a pleasure to use. The miniatures are deceptively  generous, meaning that you should be able to rely on the products for an  average length trip. The facial spritzer is great for keeping skin hydrated both  on the plane and on the beach and I like the cute drawstring bag which the
products are contained within.


4) Burt’s Bees may not be one of the first beauty  brands which springs to mind but I’m a big fan. I like the ethos behind the  company, which invests in research into the declining bee populations, but also  the fact that they maintain a fun element so that it’s not too puritanical. Their  travel sets would make a lovely gift- there’s quite a few to choose from so  that there’s something for everyone. I’ve been trying out the Essential Burt’s  Bees Kit which contains a cleanser, lipbalm, hand salve, foot cream and body  lotion. It’s a nice way to try the products, which I generally rate although my  only criticism would be that I’d prefer the kit to have more focus- either  skincare or bodycare.


5)  Moroccan Oil has quickly risen to cult status  but if you’re yet to check out the full range, this Hydrating Travel Essentials  set offers a good overview. Containing not one but two sizes (25ml and 10ml) of  the bestselling oil, the set also comprises shampoo, conditioner and a masque,
neatly packed within a chic, if slightly bulky, washbag.



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