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25 Jul 2011

My Mad Month - Why I've been off the radar

It never rains but it pours
Wait for a bus for hours, then three come at once
Everything happens at the same time

There are so many metaphors I could use to describe the past month but I'll tell you why I've been so busy recently by way of an explaination for why my blog hasn't been posting so frequently recently.


1. I'm buying a house

Check out my new blog - Lauren makes a Home to see more - I'll have the first pictures for you tonight or tomorrow of the outside of my new shabby house.


2. I have a very ill family member

I don't really want to disclose much about this to be honest, but needless to say we're all very worried and can't wait for this whole ordeal to be over for her.


3. It's been my birthday

my wonderful colleague Claire made me this cake :-)


4. I have a big job interview next week

For a job I REALLY want! It would involve a lot of commuting and much more spent on petrol but it'd be so worth it and fulfilling. Fingers crossed I get it


5. 3 weeks today I'll be in Thailand



So anyway there's the reasons my blog might not be as lively as usual and I hope everyone can forgive me for it. I have lots of inspiration still, but just no time to write as bigger things come up. Don't worry though, we have a full host of people ready to fill the slot when I'm away in Thailand so hopefully you can be introduced to new, amazing bloggers who you weren't aware of before.




p.s. Recently I was selected to join Handpicked Media (as you will see from the badge to the right). I would love all you feedback on the adverts and if they're popping up/annoying/what you think really. I was adverse to adverts before but I thought I might give them a trial as part of the Handpicked scheme.



  1. Well done on joining Handpicked Media! The only thing I would say is that the ad you have at the top at the moment is obscuring your header a bit.

    Good luck with the job interview and I really hope your family member gets well soon!


    p.s. Can't wait to see the house!

  2. Sorry to hear about the ill family member, hope all's okay.

    Best of luck with the new home, I've just moved too. It's great isn't it?

    Ooh what's the job? And good luck!xx

  3. So sorry to hear your ill family member, fingers crossed everything goes as well as can be.

    Sadie xx


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