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11 Jul 2011

Home Eyelash Dyeing Review - Colourspot 30 Day Mascara

My eyelashes are very pale and rubbish naturally. They are quite dark at the roots but fade out to nothing at the ends (they're actually clear at the tips!) I've had my eyelashes dyed professionally before (check out this post) which included a perm, but I wanted to try it at home. When I was in Boots at the weekend I saw the sets were down to around £5 so I picked one up (and a free mascara wand from a beauty counter to apply it with as the set comes with a strange stick for application).

Here's my before eyelashes

This is the kit

So in the kit is the dye, a developer and a mixer stick/application stick

Here's what you do:

1. Clean your eye makeup off and apply vaseline around the eye so the skin doesn't get stained. Don't get it on the lashes though!

2. Mix the dye and the developer in the dish. Be careful with the developer as you only need 2 drops or so but it gushes out!

3. Apply and wait for 10 minutes. I used the mascara tester brush I got from the beauty counter. the stick isn't as effective I think.

4. Wipe off away from the eye with a cotton bud soaked in water and then wipe off the rest (try not to get it in your eye, it HURTS!)

The results!

It's good isn't it!

Before                                                                                     After



  1. Oh wow, this looks great! But I'm kind of too scared to dye my lashes :o

  2. Wow, it really has made a difference to your lashes. I've always been a little scared of home lash-dye kits but may give this one a go! x

  3. Ohh that works really well! Thing is, i would still have to wear mascara to get some volume and hold a curl...so would it be worth it do you think? Would've been a good idea on holiday but too late now, i just got back! xx

  4. Yeah I still wear mascara but I like it for the effect on my bottom lashes mostly xxx

  5. Nice! Thanks for the before-and-after pics. Love how much better your bottom lashes look!

    My lashes are super-blonde/transparent too. If I put on powder foundation and don't add any eyeliner or mascara, I look practically albino. Scary, really.

    I'm in the US, but I'm thinking of ordering one of these kits from ebay.co.uk because we don't have them here. My state has actually outlawed salon eyelash tinting treatments for safety worries! So annoying.

  6. They look great!

    The middle photo worried me, I thought it'd made your eyes run!

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