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6 Jun 2011

Some developments...

Some things I'm sent for review take a long time to get reviewed so I though I'd give you an update on upcoming posts...

Kiss everLASH MD Eyelash Enhancing Serum

I've been sent the Kiss LashMD Eyelash Enhancing Serum and been using it for a few weeks now. It is another eyelash growth serum which claims to strengthen eyelashes and help them grow for longer, fuller lashes in 4-6 weeks.  

It contains:

  • Peptide and nucleotide blend – Keratin boosting peptide promotes the growth of healthier lashes.

  • Vitamin B3 , Vitamin P, Pro-vitamin B5 – Conditions and moisturises lashes and stimulates lash growth.

  • Gingko Leaf Extract - Contains high level of bio-flavonoids which stimulates lash growth.

  • Hydrolyzed Silk – Forms moisture-retentive films that protects and moisturises lash cuticles.

  • Abyssine - Marine extract that reduces irritation and helps protects new lash growth from sun damage

 The serum is applied using an eyeliner style brush

You apply it at night to clean eyes, running it along the top lashes. I'm finding it really easy to apply, although the first few times I did get it in my eyes and it stung. I'll show you my naked eyes before I started the treatment as a before

So far, my eyelashes do feel much more dark and thick, and also less crispy or unhealthy so maybe it is working. I'll update you all in a couple of weeks but if you're interested, Boots sell it for £34.99 here and although that is expensive, there is a large amount which will last 6 months at least and you can also get £5 off from Boots with the code EVLA22 until the 28th June.

Crest Whitestrips

I've wanted to try these for a while since a girl I work with told me that was her secret and I've since heard many bloggers rave about them. I got mine on eBay and got a 2 week supply which is good. I don't know how well they'll work but fingers crossed. The reason why is because of this photo of me and my extremely handsome boyfriend (online photo exclusive here...)

My 2 front teeth look much whiter than the sides (this is worse in real life but photos make it look ok). Anyway I wanted to try them so I have. Here's my teeth after 1 application...

little bit better!

So anyway I'll try them for the 2 weeks and let you know.

What long-term beauty products do you use? x

P.s. I'm going to Thailand for 2 weeks in August so am looking for guest bloggers to help me out. If you'd like to post on Lauren Loves... and get some love in return then just email me lauren@laurenlovesblog.com

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  1. I'll look forward to the update on the eyelash serum, I take personal reviews on blogs so much more seriously than the marketing blurb. Real people, real opinions.

    I've tagged you in my latest post - http://hazelsworldofjoy.blogspot.com/2011/06/tagged-8-things.html I hope you enjoy it, I had great fun doing it.

  2. I've just got a small supply of the Crest Whitestrips and noticed a difference after using them once! I only have enough for 1 week so might have to get some more! xxShivvyxx

  3. The Crest strips sounds great! I can't wait to hear what you think of them, it's something I've wanted to try for ages :) x

  4. Hey Lauren,

    I just came across your blog tonight totally by chance. I've been reading through lots of blogs since I've just started a blog myself this week.

    Wierdly one of my very first posts was that I've ordered more Crest Whitestrips (I'm a bit of an addict) to use then just by coincidence I came across this post. I feel like you've done such a great job of reviewing them I don't know how I can match it! hehe :)

    Anyway, I love your blog, I only hope I can make mine half as good and show as much dedication to it as you do yours!


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