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30 Jun 2011

Let's play! Designer vs eBay snap!

So after reading the vipxo blog, she highlighted an eBay shop to me which I adored, full of designer-alikes. Anyway it got me playing a fun new game! Just type in celebrity inspired and see what faux designer items you can find.

Below is a real designer item and an eBay copy - I want you to see if you can tell what's real and what's the fake. Answers at the bottom

1. Furla candy bag

A                                                                                                    B

2. The Louboutin studded pump

A                                                             B

3. Toywatch Watches

A                                                                                     B

1. A is the Furla Candy Bag, B is from eBay

2. A is Christian Louboutin, B is from eBay

3. A is from eBay, B is Toywatch

There are loads more but they are watermarked pictures so I can't make it ambiguous!


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