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12 Jun 2011

Kiss False Nails Review

A few weeks ago I was sent some false nails to review by Kiss but sadly my natural nails are too long so I handed them over to my friend Vicky. She's reviewing the Broadway Fashion Diva ones ones


OK so before we start, these are my natural nails

Firstly here's the kit you get

Inside as you can see you get 24 nails in 12 different sizes, so they should be able to fit even the most awkward nail shape, and if not you just file down the edges and it shouldn't ruin the pattern. They look a lot like Minx nails without the price tag I think.



Firstly, I found the instructions clear and informative which is helpful for those less experienced with false nails and their application. Also the glue was easy to open with a twist top (I've found in the past that with some glues you have to cut the top off or put a pin through it)

The glue is really easy to apply - you just give a little squeeze and a small drop comes out. It also dries very quickly which is a bonus.

Sometimes getting the correct sizes on is difficult, but these had numbers underneath the nails which made matching them up easier.

Finally once the glue had dried, they felt nice and strong.

Don't they look fab?!


  • The nails are a nice length, and I found that with them on it was easy to carry out day to day tasks.

  • I loved the beautiful finish, and have had people ask where i got my nails done!

  • The instructions say they should last approx 2 weeks but mine lasted 10 days. However this was with normal wear and a gorgeous baby to look after full time too!  


Overall rating - GREAT! I'm now excited to try out the french manicure ones!


Kiss nails are available to buy from Boots and lots of other shops!



  1. So glad i was able to help hun, and just a note i had alot of people asking if there were minx nails, which was brilliant.
    I'll let you know when i try the others. xx

  2. They look a bit naff if the packet, but they look lovely on! Love the look of the 'smaller nails for smaller hands' french set too, I have little hands and always find false nails way too big.

  3. Yeah they're really little - Perfect for shorter nail beds. :-) xxx

  4. I bought the pack of 10 nails andthe glue has stoped working afer ten nailshave been used so i have not been happy with my nails!

  5. oh no! Sorry you've had a bad time. Have you tried sticking a pin in the nozzle? x


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