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9 Jun 2011

Kiss Ever EZ Lashes Review

I was sent 2 pairs of Kiss everEZlashes to review a couple of weeks ago. As a huge false lashes fan:

Me at new years with my lashes on! (when I worked in a pub, the days I wore false lashes I got more tips...).

However false lashes are hard to apply and although I can get them to touch my lash line perfectly in the middle, I can never stick the ends down properly and have to fill in the gap between the falsies with eyeliner. I was excited to try these after reading them on Peluxe where the strings help you pull the lashes down onto the lash line perfectly, although her review showed she wasn't so keen on the lashes.

The ones I was sent were

KPL01 - these lashes are natural looking and give great length and thickness.

KPLX01 - these lashes are fantastic going out lashes! They have a glittery eyeliner strip and are very fluttery and fantastical! I'm saving these for a special occasion.

How to use

These are really easy to apply. As you can see in the picture you just pull the red strings down against your real lashes!

  1. Apply glue to the edge of the eyelashes and leave to dry for a few seconds

  2. I apply using tweezers at the middle of the lashes, and then push the middle of them onto your eye lid as close to the lashes as possible

  3. Using the red stings, pull the edges of the lashes down to the eyelash line and hold until the glue sticks them down

  4. Remove the red threads (and keep for the next application!


Here's the results

As you can see, the lashes are right up against my lash line and look fantastic! I'm really impressed by these and for first time lash users, they definitely make application much easier!

The verdict

I found the lashes much easier to apply then normal, and the great thing is you can recycle the strings and reapply. I think you'd have to apply the centre as normal lashes first otherwise you might get in a tangle and they can fly around as Phoebe reported but I liked them.

Would I buy them? They are £6.50 from Boots which is about 50p or so more than other lashes on offer. I think that if they were on offer or roughly the same price as others in the shop then I would definitely buy these over the others because they have made application much easier. However I think the tight side of me will always buy the cheapest lashes!

Verdict - 8.5/10 (they only didn't get 10/10 because they are more expensive then the others and because Boots, the only suppliars aren't stocking many styles).


  1. I've never had success at applying false lashes so these may be just the thing for me... I'm very tempted to give them a try for a wedding reception this weekend.

  2. Thanks for the mention :)
    I;ve heard great things about these from others but I just found them as fiddly as normal lashes... Need to give them another try I think!

  3. The first pair look lovely - I love falsies and used to wear them daily! Can't imagine applying them with string...bizarre but intriguing :)

  4. Can you recycle the strings? from the first review i read i didn't think so which would be a major downfall as you couldn't reuse them! How do you use them again?


  5. I need these as these strings will hopefully help ,e as im useless with falsies LOL

  6. yes you can :-) and I guess use them on other brands too! x


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