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20 Jun 2011

Holiday Preparation - Products to look holiday ready

Welcome to my range of holiday posts. I'm going to be suggesting what you need for preparing for holiday, what you'll want on holiday, what to wear... everything! If you have anything you want me to help you with for your holiday prep then let me know and I'll write you a suggestion post.

Here's what I'd use for holiday preparation!

Holiday prep

 So here's my essentials to preparing for your holiday

1. Beautiful Skin - it's no secret I love a bit of Liz Earle and in the run up to a holiday I'll be pampering with the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask to reduce holiday break out horror. I'm also using Biore pore strips for a clean nose!

2. Hair removal - it's a grim fact but girls feel the need to remove body hair. Before a holiday I like to either wax with Veet Warm Wax (it's water soluble - no mess!) or use my new favourite toy - my epilator! I have a Braun Silk-├ępil Xpressive Pro 7381 Wet & Dry which although it's expensive, it's amazing and you never have to pay out ever again! People are scared it is agony but honestly it's not. Using the vibrating head, the first time is a bit pinchy, like something being harshly vibrated against your leg, but after a while it's fine! Just don't do it in the morning before you go out in a skirt because you get that lovely plucked chicken skin effect! Look out later in the series for my blog post about different hair removal solutions.


3. Feed your hair - I love Aussie hair products for their nourising, treating properties and if you're on a beach holiday all that salt will strip the moisture out your hair. My favourites are the classic 3 Minute Miracle (which I actually put on at bedtime and sleep in it!) and the Miracle Hair Insurance Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner

4. Nice Nails - I love a lick of pastel nailvarnish for a sunny holiday look. I'm currently wearing the MissBehave Pink Nail Splash nail polish which is gorgeous and has good staying power. I was sent this to review and was really impressed - it reminded me of the consistency and staying power of a Barry M nailpolish (and we all agree they're great)

Alternatively Miss Guided also sell Nail Rock nailwraps in loads of colours which are like Minx but that you can do easily at home. I have these wild ones which I'm saving for a special occasion! The fab thing is they do fingers and toes too


5. Tan-Tastic! I have finally got my hands on some St Moriz! I've wanted this tan for ages since reading other bloggers' rave reviews but sadly it's never in my local Savers. If you can get your hands on it (and I know katyscosmetics.co.uk has some for £2.99) then it's so worth it!

I'm a huge fake tan lover and this one really impressed me - You may be shocked to learn I've never used mousse tans before but the colour is gorgeous and the indicator colour is so subtle I've been applying it in the morning and wearing it throughout the day unlike St Tropez which makes you look like an orange, plus the smell isn't bad. Here's the guide colour...

Olivey lovelyness!


6. Skin Prep - To ensure skin is in tip-top condition, I like to scrub with an anti-cellulite body brush (you can pick up one from Boots), some exfoliating gloves from any Boots or Superdrug and some Jergens Firming Body Moisturiser.



  1. Thanks for these tips! I go on holiday in just over two weeks so this is perfect timing! :)

    I love that nail polish...I got it free with my Cosmopolitan magazine a while ago!

    I'm definitely on a skin mission - I purchased a face mask and some nose strips from Superdrug last weekend and I have some waxing appointments booked a few days before I go away!


  2. It's been already part of every woman's life to be so delicate and extra caring with how they look and how they do wear clothes. From hair down to the tip on their nails they want to look absolutely fabulous. It's rear to find a woman who live simply and don't do much styling.

  3. love this post! just what I needed before my holiday. alexandra :)


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