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23 Jun 2011

Holiday Makeup

In the fourth part of my holiday series, here's my post on holiaday makeup! So I don't pretend to be someone who wears much makeup on holiday, I ususally stick to my suncream but here's what I'd choose for holiday

Holiday makeup

  • Mattefying papers - I got mine from "Home Bargains" up north but you can get them in loads of places like Savers or the pound shop.


  • Waterproof mascara or dyed eyelashes - I've had my eyelashes permed and dyed by the beauty students at the local college and I'd really recommend it if you're having a beach holiday, or you can try it yourself with Dylash (Fab how to on Hey Dollface). Otherwise I love Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara and now they have a waterproof version

 Here's the result fom when I had mine done

  • Bronzer - I LOOOOOOVE Ultra Glow bronzer. I can't rave about it enough. I have the loose powder version and it's amazing. It isn't shiney or sparkley and warms up as your skin heats it up to create a gorgeous, natural glow which suits everyone (even extremely pale people like me!)


  • SPF foundation - I know I've talked about this earlier, but the SunSense daily face SPF50 which is mattefying as has some tint to it is amazing. Always protect your skin girls!


  • Lips - I REALLY want a Clinique Chubby stick. Someone buy one for me please? I swatched one and I like how it's sheer and moisturising, just what you want on holiday.


  • Skincare - This Liz Earle kit is the perfect size for a holiday and for looking after your skin while holidaying. It's £28.10 which is a lot but you get a full size moisuriser and an almost full size face wash. I'd also recommend this kit for anyone wanting to start out with Liz Earle.


Remember girls - please please please look after your skin this summer by applying an SPF sun cream - Nicola Roberts here tells us why:

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  1. Hi lauren, hope you are well, I am loving your holiday feature, I've got my wedding then honeymoon to mexico in 5 weeks so I am loving the ideas! can you put some pics up of your eye lashes you mentioned? I have wondered whether to get this done before the wedding but dont want it to go horribly wrong! I have very long but straight lashes and someone told me it doesnt look very good if you have long lashes??

    thanks xx


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