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3 May 2011

Style Steal - Jil Sander style dress in Primark

In my trends for 2011 post I spoke about stripes and showed you this Jil Sander dress

Well imagine my excitement when I saw this lookalike in Primark at the weekend. What do you think of the dress. I've shown it as it is and also with a belt


I'm not 100% sure I love this dress. I think it looks quite "sacky" and my mum has made it clear she doesn't like it. PLEASE let me know what you think. Here are some supporting photos.

My cat trying to get in the picture!

What do you think?



  1. That is a stunning likeness! I'm not too keen on it without a belt though although with a belt I really like it. I imagine without a belt would be perfect for if you've ate a big lunch though or even girls who're expecting. with you being lovely and slim though the belt works best IMO


  2. My Mum doesn't get fashion either! I know what you mean but you're so slim you can get away with it being loose! I think it looks lovely.

  3. I love it with the belt :) otherwise i do think it's a bit sacky :P xxShivvyxx

  4. To be honest, I really don't like it "as it is". But, with a belt, it looks really nice. Amazing what you can do with a belt ;)

  5. I think you look much better in it than the model does!!!

  6. Aww Marjolein you charmer! xxx

  7. This dress is so cute. I bought the yellow stripe midi one and I'm still not sure if its too bright for me xx u look great x


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