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2 May 2011

Lauren's Blog Loving... Vanessa from Wardrobe Under Construction

My second bank holiday interviewee is

Vanessa from Wardrobe Under Construction!


Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog

My name’s Vanessa and I’m a shopaholic living in London who tries to keep a record of all the things in my wardrobe in the blog Wardrobe Under Construction


When did you start blogging and why?

I’d say my blog is still a toddler – I started blogging in early 2010. Because I love writing, fashion and photography, and was feeling so inspired by other people’s style blogs, I decided to pluck up the courage to have a go at it myself. My blog really is a style diary – I feel there’s a story behind a lot of my clothes, and I try to tell that story with honesty, humour and nice pictures!


What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?

I really enjoy doing outfit posts when, as well as wearing something that I feel great in, I’ve found a location that excites me – that’s probably why as of late my favourite post was The Northern Diaries  – I loved my outfit and the location, it ticked all the right boxes!


Describe your style (and include photos if you like)

Hard to say! This is a question that I always like to get other people to answer, because I think my style is still evolving. Overall, I’d say I’m on the girlie side – I love my dresses, skirts, granny style cardigans, bows, pastel colours… then again, I’m no stranger to body-con and even a bit of 80’s maximalism. Style-wise, I’m a little schizophrenic to say the least!


Schizo fashion is fantastic! You're brave to mix it up! What’s your favourite item of clothing?

AT the moment, I’m loving my caramel Zara blazer with rolled-up leopard print cuffs (above) – I just want to wear it all the time! Blazers in general make me happy, they have the power to transform a whole look.


What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designer

Zara have been getting it so right lately, I would gladly buy out the whole store. And, if I had to pick one designer, that would be Sonia Rykiel – her designs always put a smile on my face.


Oh I agree, I am head-over-heels for Zara. Apart from blogging, what do you do?

I do some freelance magazine work and work part-time in retail – my aim is to eventually get into fashion writing on a full-time basis!


Good luck! What is your dream?

To find a job that is fulfilling and that I absolutely love, and to see more of the world. Also, to own a Chanel 2.55 bag – a girl can dream…


Oh a Chanel 2.55... that is a dream! Tell me a secret?

If all else fails, I’d like to do belly-dancing for a living. I mean how much fun would that be?

So if you want to check out her FANTASTIC fashion blog, just click here!

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