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14 May 2011

Lauren's Blog Loving - Phoebe from Peluxe!

Today's Blog Loving features Phoevb from the amazing Peluxe! Come find out some more about her...

 Phoebe from Peluxe



Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog

Hi everyone! I’m Phoebe and I write for Peluxe and have been doing so for around two years.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started in the summer of 2009 after discovering beauty blogs and beauty on YouTube. I’ve always loved writing and thought it would go hand in hand with studying journalism at University. Plus, beauty is one of the few things I’m passionate about, so getting to write about it for fun is brilliant.

What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?

Every now and then I do a ‘Verdict’  post. It’s usually just a question that pops into my head which gets loads of opinions out, which is why I like it. It’s a great way to interact with my readers.

The posts that I am most proud of are those like the ‘Verdict’ posts that get people talking on my blog. Getting positive feedback on personal opinion is great.

Describe your style

I always struggle to define my style. I like to follow the trends but don’t solely rely on them. I like to think I have a bit of an edge with most outfits having studs or leather in there somewhere. For the most part I go for ‘stylish comfort’!

What’s your favourite item of clothing

I’ve just moved back to Uni and after being fully packed, my wardrobe at home is still more than half full...


So there is no way I can narrow it to just on item! I get a lot of wear out of basics, particularly flimsy v neck tshirts, I love those!

Wow! A packed wardrobe! What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designer

If I see something I like, generally, I will buy it; whether it’s from Topshop or off the floor of a charity shop (on my rare visits). It’s another question I can’t give one answer to! I do like cheap though, so Primark and H&M are always must visit stores, but if it’s an item I’ll be wearing a lot or for many years to come then I’ll go to Topshop or department stores for something with a bit more quality.

Apart from blogging, what do you do?

I’m just coming to the end of my first year at University, studying Media and Journalism. Being the period of exams, that is generally my life right now along with squeezing in as much time with Uni friends before we leave for summer.

What is your dream?

To be successful. I used to crave the famous lifestyle so much, but I would never want to be famous now, I’ve completely changed in that respect. I just want to have a brilliant job and be good at it, and of course, be happy!

Sounds like a good dream :-) Tell me a secret?

I know the Hoedown Throwdown of Hanna Montana fame.

Brilliant! So if you want to, go check out her fantastic blog! And if you want to give me some Bloglovin' the click here!


  1. She sounds so lovely - good luck with your exams Phoebe!

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