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6 May 2011

Have your handbag horoscope read!

This is exciting in a horoscope way. Bagology is the "art" of reading the contents of our handbags and telling us what it says about our personalities. It's done by Debbie at Handbagtherapy.com and normally costs £9.99 but until 10th May you can have it done for free on the Sudocrem Facebook group!

So I had this done with the contents of my work bag...


And here's my reading: Lauren! Hello welcome to your handbag reading. I am excited to see you are a lady who loves to dream. I'm sure you have dreams that if followed will take you down new paths and avenues. You must follow your heart! I bet if you remember ...your night dreams too, that you could write them down and it would make very good reading!!! I sense you are a lady who needs to be making decisions and have a sense of movement and progression. Don't procrastinate or get stuck for long! If you are looking for inspiration stay positive! It is there waiting for you - find some balance, be true to your passions and stay active. The more single minded you can be the better! As long as you are prepared to embrace change and a little chaos you'll find your inspiration. Make sure you aren't being too quiet or tactful with others. Keep focused on your needs. I can see that you like to hang out with like minded people especially if you can share a joke, and the same sense of humour. Socialising for you should boost your confidence so make sure you are keeping close company to the right people for you! I hope this makes some sense to you,it is quite a fascinating mix of messages. Keep the faith! Debbie@handbagtherapy.com

How very exciting! It's really interesting to hear what others think about us from our handbags. Obviously it's not an exact science but it is a bit of fun!



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