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23 May 2011

Hair Diary 2 - 5 days, 5 more styles!

I was so excited that people liked my hair diary last week - a challenge where I do a different hairstyle each day so I did another one!

Day 1 - sideways poney

This hairstyle is really easy - backcomb the crown and then scoop it into a low side poneytail. Lovely :-)

Day 2 - staightened

I very rarely straighten my hair because I don't like how flat it goes but I fancied a change today!

Day 3 - Faux Bob

Another easy hairstyle which gets a lot of attention! Backcomb the roots and gather into a loose poneytail at the nape of your neck but don't tie. The twist it and roll it under and then pin. As you can see I haven't done it that well because there's a gap but it's good enough to get some shocked reactions! The general Twitter opinion was that a bob ages me so I'm not getting one cut!

Day 4 - Unusual...

I saw this hairstyle on the film "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" and thought I'd try it although I obviously got longer hair than Kirsten Dunst!


Day 5 - traditional french pleat

For the Aussie event, I chose a low french pleat to keep it out my way but not be annoying for lying down at yoga! Here's me with  Phoebe from Peluxe, Sherin from HiFashion and Tabitha from ScaredToast and Lily from LilyLipstick.

So what do you think of my 2nd hair diary. 10 days and still no repeats! Not sure if I can keep it going though!



  1. Love your hair, looks fab in all the above styles. I hope you had a nice time at the event, was gutted i couldn't make it, boo, hopefully next time :).

    Sadie xx

  2. I will try the faux bob tomorrow..

  3. Definitely would have been good to see you there! Hopefully at the next event x

  4. Fab hair styles yet again hun x

  5. What a brilliant idea! You have beautiful hair. I esp love the low pony and the faux bob is so clever - may try that one!
    ps can't believe I haven't had a proper look through your blog before - loving it!


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