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8 May 2011

Charity Blog Sale - Red Tulip Skirt

After helping May at May Loves Makeup with her Charity Blog Sale last year, I was delighted to be asked to sew again for this sale. Therefore I am pleased to present the Red Tulip Skirt: (although it looks pink-y in the pictures, it's actually tomato red in real life - the picture showing the overlocked seams is the most accurate colour representation). After not selling on eBay earlier in the year, I'm now selling it here on my blog with all proceeds going to the Japanese Flood Relief.

Front view

Back view

The details:

  • Bright red heavy cotton tulip skirt - the heavy fabric means this hangs beautifully

  • Fitted from the natural waist, looks great for a night out, or with a shirt tucked in for a smart day look

  • size 10-12

  • Handmade, all edges overlocked for no fraying. Hem is reinforced (it's a tight skirt at the knees, I've ripped several from trying walk too fast!)

  • Side zip

  • Un-lined.

Close ups:

The pleats on the front and back are the same

All edges have been fully overlocked so there'll be no fraying. This was my first go with an overlocker so it was very exciting! You can also see here how the bottom has been reinforced with a facing and invisibly stitched.

The skirt features a concealed red zip

If you like this skirt and want to buy it, please comment below with how much you want to pay. Start bidding at £5 (+£3 p+p).




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  2. Usually something fitted so you keep the slim, exaggerated silhouette!

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