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23 May 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light Bootcamp!

On Saturday I wondered my way up to London for the Aussie Lusciously Light Bootcamp day to do some fun exercises, yoga and meet other lovely bloggers. I had a lovely day, although they made us work hard!


To start off, we all met in a cafe and had a chat. It was so strange to talk to people you kind of knew through blogging and twitter but had never actually met! We then went into the gym and met our instructor, Amanda from Gymanda. She's absolutely amazing and very inspiring which was very helpful for people like me who don't "do" exercise. Then they put us through our paces doing circits! We had to do a hoola hoola, then lift weights, then run and do star jumps, kick a punchbag and do backwards press ups!! Then we also had to do stomach exercises and throw a weighted ball. It was tough!  

I'm the one in black short shorts and black trainers on the side facing us, 5th from the right.


Me Hoola-Hooping!


Throwing the weighted ball!


The team doing weights!


Making us do press-ups!


Then we had lunch and I got to chat to some lovely bloggers. It was so strange meeting the people I chat to on twitter and blogs in real life!

Me with Clare from Big Beauty Blog and Lauren from A Lauren To Herself. We're "glowing" following the gym session!

Lily from LilyLipstick, Phoebe from Peluxe, Sherin from HiFashion and Tabitha from ScaredToast


Looking great with a gob full of salad!


Then we did some yoga!

To be honest I was pretty scared of doing the yoga, I've done a lot of yoga since I had my spine fused but I can't do many of the moves properly - which is why yoga is my sport (you don't have to do everything perfectly!) but I was still scared the photos the Aussie girls were taking would show me being rubbish at yoga!

The Reebok sports club we did it in was the poshest gym I've ever been to, with tanning machines, posh lockers, showers, towels, a bar... it was amazing. We even had our own changing area and got to use Aussie products in the showers!

What I wore

I was sent some sports kit by Finisterre - a brand I've not heard of before but am very impressed by!

I had:

I've got the Lalita Vest in Desert Rose £30, and the Lalita Shorts in Black £25 which were designed for yoga! I wore the shorts throughout the first section when we were working really hard but had to change out of them for the yoga because the hall got really cold! I wore the top on the journey but when we got there we were asked to change into the Aussie tshirts so didn't get to wear it exercising. My review though - these are great pieces! The top has a support sheft which I LOVE - it's rare to get that in sports tops in my experience. Also it's longer length so looks great over leggings if you like to do sports in those. I really like this top, so pleased I got it. I got a 8-10 which is perfect for me. I had more trouble with the shorts though... these shorts have a very wide elastic waist and layer up very well with the top. However they are very short if worn at the waist as intended and I'm far too shy to wear them that high so I wore them on my hips, meaning that I had to keep pulling them down because they kept riding up to their intended resting place = not a good look! However the elastic is very strong so they won't fall down and also the width of it means no huge "out-in-out" that you may get on your waist when wearing leggings so no muffin tops!

Here's how this set is supposed to be worn...

You can see how high the shorts are and how long the top is so no worries of flashing bum cleavage when doing yoga, but also the shorts are very short and I'm too self-conscious to wear them like that so I had mine lower as you can see from this photo I stole from Clare (I'm the legs behind the bottle!)

Overall however I was impressed with this gym kit and it definitely beats my pineapple stuff from TK Maxx!

Overall I had a fantastic day, met some amazing people who were just as lovely in real life as on twitter and also got some exericse (I'm still in pain, 3 days later!!) x


  1. Ahhhh, a fantastic day! Can't wait to see everyone again soon!

    T x

  2. Great pictures! It was a fab day and lovely to meet you and all the Angels :) My arms feel like they're never going to stop aching! x

  3. Was so great to meet you :) I'll see you in June!

  4. Haha I usually wear Pineapple stuff via TK Maxx!

    This looks like so much fun!


    p.s. Thanks for your comment!

  5. It was lovely meeting you all; it went so fast! Keep up with the Yoga and blogging Lauren, you're brill x

  6. Such a fab day! Was lovely to meet you and I look forward to chatting again at the next event :) xx

  7. Thanks for the lovely little mention. Love the photo of us 3. Was nice to meet you, hope you enjoyed the day xx

  8. Did you manage to increase your health / fitness over the time period? I'm attempting to get a bit fitter myself - perfect weather for it!

  9. Yeah I'd like to think so. I've learnt to ride a bike, eating sensible things for lunch at work like fruit rather than eating nothing all day except a biscuit. I'm also having a life sort out, such as selling all my old handbags and toys on eBay so yeah. I think it has given me that kick to make some healthy changes!

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  11. Appreciation for great content. I’m certainly glad I had taken the time to learn this.


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