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6 May 2011

6th May FBFF - Shoes

You may remember that I sometimes take part in FBFF's questions (Fashion Beauty Friend Friday) which was organised by Modly Chic

This week the question is about shoes:
1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?

I have not stopped wearing this gorgeous pair of tassle loafers from Dorothy Perkins since I got them! They are so comfortable and smart enough for work!

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

Um... how pretty they look! I tend to have a problem that my right foot is a size 7 and the left is a 7.5 so I have to buy 8s which means they fall off one foot all the time. I love shops that do half sizes but they are rare these days.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

Black! I'm so boring, my handbags and shoes are all black with the exception of a few pairs of tan ones and a pair of purple peep toes!

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

I love YSL for their tribute and tribtoo shoes. I'd love a pair of these:

and I also love Chanel for their strange heels:

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

If I could, I'd have the Alexander McQueen Heart Peep-Toe shoes. They're gorgeous



  1. those heart peep toe shoes are amazing! it's funny how the little details make such a difference!

  2. oh - loving the DP shoes - too cute!



  3. OMG, those peep toe heels are the cutest EVER!!!!

    And I'm really loving your Dorothy Perkins loafers...I constantly browse that store and have yet to purchase from them.

  4. I think that Nordstrom will sell you different shoe sizes.

  5. Love the Chanel gun heel. haha that's exactly my decision making too :p

  6. Wow, you showed some amazing pairs...
    They are nice to dream about...



  7. Hi! This is a nice post. You have good taste in shoes. :) I think the Chanel shoes are great too. It is nice to see so much creativity in a shoe design.

  8. I LOVE those heart peep toes! Great post! Cheers!

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