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11 Apr 2011

Poppy King and No7 Lipgloss in Power - Review

Self confessed Lipstick Queen - Poppy King has collaborated with No7 in a very exciting launch that has got many beauty bloggers rushing to the shops! After looking through the No7 archives, she's designed a range of 7 lipsticks which are timeless and suit everyone. The range are:

  • Allure - A Warm Peach

  • Confidence - Warm Golden Glow

  • Glamour - "Flirty" Pink

  • History - Red

  • Intrigue - Nude with a hint of pink 

  • Power - Raspberry (the one I'm reviewing)

  • Seduction - Deep Wine

You can watch Poppy's video and see the colours here:

But today I'm reviewing Power - the deep raspberry red


As you can see it's a deep pinky red - a gorgeous colour! The packaging has received a fair few comments from other beauty bloggers, both positive and negative. Personally I think it's really cute - I love polka dots and the style is similar to some of MAC's collections.

The applicator is the traditional sponge one. This is great for application because the gloss is very pigmented so you need a precise application. It makes it easy!


As you can see the gloss is very pigmented and gives great colour pay off

The gloss is very moisturising and applies well without the colour bleeding. It lasts well - until I ate my lunch so that's as much as I can expect from a lip gloss. I love the colour! The raspberry red is very flattering for my pale, pink toned skin.  I also like that it's not got glitter in! As much as I love MAC lipglosses, I'm not a fan of glitter in my makeup! I'm sure this summer you'll notice me ranting about glittery bronzer!

My mum has also been using it and is going to get her own - she said she's been looking for a flattering alternative to lipstick,  because as she gets older she needs more subtle, less matte lip colours. After looking for ages for a good one, she saw me wearing this and immediately nicked it!


Overall - I've never tried a really pigmented, coloured lipgloss before as an alternative to lipstick, I don't really know why, but I really love this! It's much more moisturising than lipstick and stays looking great! I'm definitely going to check out the other glosses in the range - I've got my eyes on "history"

The lip glosses are quite expensive at £11 each, although this is still cheaper than MAC and the quality is fantastic!

Rating: 9.5/10!


If you want a Poppy King at No7 lipgloss, pop into Boots or check out their website here.

Please note, I was sent this product to review.


  1. 9.5/10, wow! Definitely need to give this a go. And is it just me or is the packaging a teensy bit 'inspired' by Topshop's makeup?!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I have the one in Allure and love it :)

  3. Yeah I noticed and was tempted to say but gave the designer the benefit of the doubt. Others are saying the tube is small but I think it's an average lipgloss size? Xxx

  4. Fab colour.

    I have the lipgloss in History and I love it. I too think the packaging is v cute.

  5. I would say average size too - I have a Maybelline Watershine gloss that is TINY!


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