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24 Apr 2011

My week in pictures and The Aussie Challenge (lots of pictures!)

Hi everyone,

I've had the last 2 weeks off work so here's a round up of what I've been up to including learning to ride a bike and an update on my Aussie Lighter Self challenge

Here's my week in photos...

My parents went to China for 10 days. They had an amazing time and brought me back this panda hat among other things!


My boyfriend drove us to the New Forest in a Morris Minor 1000 for dinner in a pub surrounded by donkeys and horses. It was so much fun, I felt like I was from the 50s! (do you like his shirt? Deep down he's a bit of a fashionista too but wouldn't admit it!

I got a surprise present from the Philadephia PR people. My brother was delighted as you can see!

My very clever boyfriend changed the bulkhead on his Landrover! This involved practically taking the engine out, the bonnet, wings, windshield and roof off! No wonder he starts an engineering degree in September!

I made my very own yummy chicken kievs from this recipe

I went to Sheffield to visit my family. I love the twisted spire at Chesterfield!

I kissed a horse at Chatsworth House!


Aussie Challenge Update:

A few people have raised the very good point that the titles of the Aussie challenges (lighter self, lighter style) might have hinted at weight loss or lightening hair. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that wasn't what was happening and there is NO WAY I will be losing any weight. However I am attempting to become more healthy, because I'm really not. Since I had my spine fused (you can read about it here) I had to learn to do everything again, walk, move, sit up... everything had to be re-learned with my spine in a new position. As you can probably imagine that was really scary so I put off learning to ride a bike again! However this week I raised the courage, and with a little push from the Aussie challenges I got on a bike and cycled! The bike was a gift from my boyfriend's nan because I can't ride a traditional bike with my back but this bike is perfect and even has a basket for my Alexa! So far in the last 2 days I've cycled around 10 miles (not bad for a beginner) and only almost been run over 3 times! I always wear a helmet - pay attention kids!

Do you like my jumpsuit? It was £20 from F+F at Tesco! I love it! You can get it here. The sizing runs quite big though, normally I'm a small 10 on bottom but I got an 8 and it's still baggy!

Talking of jumpsuits... I'm despirate for this sewing pattern...

It's Vogue F1338 Marfly Jumpsuit. Sadly it's only available in the USA so if you are from America or know someone over there, I'm begging you, send me an email and can we arrange a swap?!

As for the healthy eating, I've gone up half a pound since my first post but my body fat hasn't gone up so that's really positive. Maybe I am building muscle... or maybe it's all the great cooking when I went to see the family in Sheffield? I'm feeling really great from doing the exercise though, I love the feeling afterwards! However my bad food intake is still quite high, but I'm trying (as you can see by the homemade kievs!) to cut processed junk out!  Aussie have also come out with a cardio exercise video which you can watch here. I managed to hurt my hand by whacking the lamp... Indoor exercise is dangerous!

What do you think of my week in photos post? First time I've ever done one! x


  1. I love that bicycle, it's so adorable! And I love that you wore a jumpsuit to cycle - I always seem to forget I'll end up flashing people if I wear my usual paperbag shorts! I'll follow your lead next time...

  2. I've been in chesterfield this week! How strange it would've been if we'd bumped into each other! I love your bike. X

  3. I love your bike, I really want to get one for myself!

  4. That picture of the chicken kiev made me so hungry.

  5. After reading your post hun, it was you i saw the other day cycling towards Stubbington. I was on the other side of the road with hubby and chunky monkey. We were on our bikes (chunky monkey was on the back of mine)
    Random post i know but just had to say.

  6. haha did I look exhausted because cycling is really hard!

    Love that chunky monkey is on a bike already! Bet he loves it, being zoomed around with mummy! x


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