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24 Apr 2011

Lauren's Way - Sneek Peek at Fake Tan by TOWIE star Lauren Goodger


I've had numerous emails asking about me being Lauren from TOWIE, and asking for the fake tan range in their salons - I'm sorry but I'm a different Lauren (see I'm blonde!)


I don't know about you, but everyone I know is talking about The Only Way Is Essex (or TOWIE for you Twitterers). I LOVE it, the drama, the lashes, the dresses... and most of all the fake tan! I love a bit of fake tan, with pale skin like mine I need it in the summer because I don't tan at all, and best of all it's safe - especially compared to those evil sun beds.  So guess my excitement when I heard that another fabulous Lauren, Lauren Goodger from TOWIE has released her own fake tan! I really like Lauren, especially after seeing her picture without makeup in Heat Magazine - she's still stunning without it, lucky girl.

Lauren's fake tan range is called Lauren's Way and comes as either a Self-Tanning Bronzing Mousse (£17.95) and a Self-Tanning Lotion (£15.95). The range is also available as a duo for £33.90.

The products claim to create a flawless golden finish with no streaking or patchiness and moisturises your skin to leave it healthy and hydrated. It's also fast drying and has an indicator colour so you can see your application. If you want to read a review, Ree at Really Ree has already tried the mousse and loves it! Later in the week I will be getting the Lotion formula so stay tuned for my review. I'm really excited, everyone seems to be loving it!

We all know about the damaging and harmful effects of over exposure to the sun, it’s hard to dispute that ‘Faux is the Way to Go’ and now we can do it Lauren’s Way! and who doesn't love a Lauren ;-)

Available at http://laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/ and on http://facebook.com/laurengoodgerofficial

What do you think? Excited by getting an Essex glow? I know I am. Will it be time to say move over St Tropez?



  1. Excited by getting an Essex glow? No. Who wants to be easy-jet orange? I'm white as a sheet, just how mother nature made me, and I have no interest in altering my natural skin colour. I wish the media would stop shoving 'beautiful' orange people in my face. Fake tan NEVER looks good, even if it's the overpriced stuff and put on well. It always looks tacky - which sadly seems to be in fashion right now. Fashion should be about creativity and self-expression and not about trying to look like disgustingly thick people off TV.

  2. I don't think fake tan always looks tacky - it's about the amount you put on. I put some on mixed with moisturiser once a week during the summer and people always comment I look healthier but if you layer it on then you turn orange moat certainly! I don't think darker than your skintone foundation helps either :-S bur I agree that fashion is about being you, but if you want a little boost and colour that's ok too! Xxx

  3. I totally agree with lauren, if it makes you feel better and gives you more confidence in your self then why not! I persoanlly love fake tan and i feel it gives me more confidence when im going out!
    Whats the trick with the moisturiser? do you mix it all or just put the moisturisers over the top??

  4. My trick is that I put a few pumps of moisturiser onto my glove, add the same number of fake tan into the mix and use that to give a more natural tan. See my latest Lauren's way post for my guide to applying natural fake tan too xxx

  5. where will i get this from! i bet its amazing! xxx

  6. Click the link where it says "available at" xxx

  7. on her website or click the links to her pages xxx


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